Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Another Boy :)

We're having another boy! So excited for another sweet little guy on the way. Eli has started calling him "Trio" and is convinced this is going to be his name. I love Eli's drawing below of baby Trio in my belly with arrows pointing everywhere. 

And for clarification, the T E were the start of him spelling Trio (but then Eli realized those weren't right), and he wrote MOM starting with the M in between my shoes going down (it kind of looks like he was trying to write dumb, but that's not the case :)
We almost had to wait an extra week because things had to be shifted around with scheduling (one of the ultrasound tech's husband was dying and the other tech at my doctor's office was going to be out of town). I was dying to know and my irrational pregnant brain could not accept that we would have to wait seven more days when I had already been counting down until our originally scheduled doctor's appointment. So I convinced them to let me come in the day before and it all worked out well. 

I was preparing myself ahead of time for the likelihood that it was another boy, but still had to laugh at the ultrasound when it was very obvious (before the tech told us) that this was a baby boy. Of course it would be fun to change things up and have a girl, but I've been thinking of all of the great benefits to having all boys. We're already set with the clothes, toys, etc. The room that Eli and Charlie share is huge and could easily fit three boys if we wanted them to share someday. I have two sweet, imaginative, fun little boys and love being their mom, so bring on another! :)