Sunday, May 23, 2010

Beach Evening

Last weekend, Ben came home at his Friday time (a little earlier than other weekdays), so we headed to the park/beach.

DSC_7923 copy

Eli giving a little attitude (I see this face all too often… silly boy) -

DSC_7937 copy

Charlie ran around the playground, gripping this and saying, “Ball! Ball!” over and over again.

DSC_7939 copyDSC_8001 copy

Sliding down with his dad -

DSC_8034 copyDSC_8036 copy

Walking down to the beach -

DSC_8041 copy

DSC_8046 copyDSC_8066 copy

See? I told you he makes this face often :)

DSC_8091 copy

Throwing rocks in the lake -

DSC_8093 copyDSC_8107 copyDSC_8155 copyDSC_8166 copyDSC_8180 copyDSC_8198 copyDSC_8212 copyDSC_8220 copy

“Go give Charlie a hug!” (I couldn’t believe he actually did it)

DSC_8239 copy

But the hug was FAST and Eli was on to the next thing before I could get a cute shot of them together.

DSC_8241 copy

Trying again…

DSC_8243 copy

Gotta love the awkward pose :)

DSC_8245 copyDSC_8247 copy

Charlie liked to come charging at me with his arms outstretched. He is the sweetest little guy.

DSC_8262 copyDSC_8284 copyDSC_8303 copyDSC_8315 copy prettyprimerDSC_8323 copy

Trying to get the kids together -

DSC_8354 copyDSC_8368 copyDSC_8370 copyDSC_8376 copyDSC_8378 copyDSC_8384 copy

My three boys -

DSC_8389 copyDSC_8399 copy

This one is my favorite:

DSC_8407 copy

Home Life

Here’s a random wrap-up of the last week – first, Ben finished his DIY project of sanding/painting this desk that I found at a rummage sale for $35.




DSC_8455 copy

We spent a lot of time playing outside. Charlie can now climb up the ladder to get up here BY HIMSELF. He is a little monkey at 16 months! (I worry a little that he will be a much faster climber than Eli pretty soon…)

DSC_7720 copyDSC_7747 copy

Eli’s swinging -

DSC_7750 copy

Charlie loves the slide -

DSC_7781 copy

Later, Ben was watering plants and Eli found a mini water gun in the yard. Eli called over to Ben, “If you squirt me, I’ll squirt you back!”

DSC_7786 copy

Inside on a rainy day… the boys roughhousing on my messy bed:

DSC_7815 copyDSC_7824 copy

I love this picture, even though it’s a little blurry (don’t worry, Eli didn’t land on Charlie :)

DSC_7827 copyDSC_7826 copyDSC_7847 copyDSC_7848 copy

Some of Eli’s latest phrases include…


“What in the world??”

“Are you joking?”

DSC_7864 copyDSC_7869 copy

Charlie’s favorite word is ball. He loves animal noises (dog, bird, monkey, cow) and today he learned how to say balloon. It is the CUTEST thing as he curls his little tongue as he says the “l” sound. He seems to be on the verge of a word explosion because every day I heard him mimicing the words that we are using. Charlie is at a very, very busy phase, but he is so cute in busy mode. One of his favorite activities is finding a marker and pulling the cap off, then throwing them both on the floor. Thank goodness for washable markers!

DSC_7904 copy