Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Making Things Happen

I have always been a big believer in being proactive, writing letters, talking to managers, calling companies, etc. when I feel that something could be improved. I've done this with airlines, restaurants, retail stores, online stores, and often with the city where I live (someday I'm going to run for city council or other local office so I can really make things happen!).

With that said...

We have lived in our condo for 5+ years now, and each winter we get a nice accumulation of snow. The city requires residents and businesses to clear their sidewalks, yet there has always been this stretch of sidewalk near our building that is NEVER cleared! (And then the sidewalk on either side is totally clear) It drives me crazy and drives many other people crazy as they walk down our street to the train or hospital. But now that I have a baby and am slipping and sliding carrying my big bundle, I finally became fed up and called the city.

(here is the cleared side of the sidewalk)

(here is the annoying patch of icy snow)
It turns out that the sidewalk is the responsibility of the city-owned golf course! (this is an urban golf course that crosses a few busy roads - we are grateful to have the view of the golf course with open space rather than another brick building). My assumption is that whoever was clearing their sidewalks thought that this small stretch was the responsibility of our condo building (but in the summertime, that grass is cut by the golf course people so I figured it wasn't).

Anyway, it's a shame I didn't call sooner! I'm happy at least that they are going to come take care of it and we will no longer have this awful icy patch. For all of you who have something you're frustrated with, call or write a letter! You'll feel better. And maybe even get some results!

(Eli's happy too - can you spot his two lower teeth? :)
And one random addition to this post - I was just searching for some of my freelance articles to post on my blog (see sidebar) and found my Luvabulls article (where I tried out for the Chicago Bulls dance team and wrote about it) posted in a basketball forum - too funny!


RACHIE said...

I always say I am going to make tha phone call or write that letter. But I NEVER do it. Good for you!

Abecka said...

I am so glad that you do make the phone call or write the letter!
(I still have not written mine to Target!)
I am glad you added your articles too!

The Yost Family said...

way to get things done! good to know things get resolved.

Hillary said...

Way to go, Sarah! I love that you are proactive about things. You're an example for all of us.