Thursday, July 07, 2011

You Do What You Have to Do...

Sometimes the kids' constant fighting over one darn baseball bat makes you so crazy that you go out, buy two of the same exact cheap bat from Target and do this:
July 3rd 2011-38
Ben took turns pitching to each kid every other time. Happy kids, happy parents.
July 3rd 2011-37
I don't think we'll win any parenting awards for this one. Buying two of everything isn't possible in every scenario, but when it comes to a $4 bat, sometimes it's worth saving our sanity. :)


Caleb and Elizabeth said...

Totally agree on this one!
Love your pics of the 4th of July

The Yosts said...

This just makes me laugh. I'd have to buy 3 of a lot things my girls fight over so now when they fight, I just take it and keep it for awhile.