Sunday, August 14, 2011


As I mentioned in other posts, we've had a TON of rain this year. So we've embraced the rain (when it isn't thunder/lightning/hailing) and not care if we get soaking wet playing outside.
Brothers_Aug 8 2011-9
Brothers_Aug 8 2011-11
Brothers_Aug 8 2011-13Brothers_Aug 8 2011-14
Brothers_Aug 8 2011-15
Brothers_Aug 8 2011-16
Brothers_Aug 8 2011-17
Brothers_Aug 8 2011-19
Brothers_Aug 8 2011-20
Brothers_Aug 8 2011-22
Brothers_Aug 8 2011-21
Brothers_Aug 8 2011-24
Brothers_Aug 8 2011-23


Marci said...

It's so weird how you guys have been getting tons of rain and we have gotten NONE. Seriously, I think one day it rained and that was it. I love playing in the rain pics and these ones are super cute! I LOVE the first toilet pic too...I saw that on facebook and thought it was awesome!

Krista said...

Love those little boy legs in motion on their scooters. :) so cute. Awesome you captured some of the rain too!