Thursday, April 05, 2012

Eli Update

Things I want to remember about Eli right now:

I've been thinking a lot about Eli lately as his last year of preschool starts to wind down and kindergarten feels like it is approaching wayyyy too fast. My stomach turns into knots when I think about him starting this next chapter in six months, but I know he will be ready. Academically at least. Emotionally... hopefully. :)

He continually impresses me with his creativity in building with blocks and legos. Yesterday he created his name out of Charlie's duplos (sure, ELI isn't that tough), but then also created the word, PUP out of the legos. PUP was for Charlie since he has his favorite stuffed puppy that he loves. That made me smile.

A few weeks ago, he created a few Angry Birds books with his own illustrations and then dictated to me what was happening on each page, so I wrote it all out for him. His stories are well thought out and creative. I love his imagination and his brain. He has continued his Angry Birds obsession in drawing and cutting out tiny little birds, pigs, etc. that are in the game and created his own game boards and pieces to use with his paper birds and pigs. Our office floor often has little scraps of white paper scattered on the floor from his many paper projects.

Tonight Eli pulled out a new sheet of paper and started drawing coins and writing the numbers in the circles. There were lots of pennies (writing the number one is very easy, after all :), then some other numbers too. Then he added them up and put the total number at the end of each line. Not every total number was right, but it was pretty close. The last line was counting by 10s, but he left out #50 and we had to add it on. I love seeing what he gets excited about learning each week. We're very casually working on reading (I'm trying not to push it too much or he gets annoyed), and it's fun to work with him on sight words and sounding words out.

The things that are more challenging with Eli are still the potty issues (still pretty much every day ends with wet pants despite that we're trying a stronger medicine for overactive bladder... it is very frustrating and he may have a cystoscopy procedure this summer if the wetting continues - just to make sure there isn't some physical reason that could be easily corrected). My pregnant nose does not appreciate the urine smell and it's hard to not react when I notice he's peed in his pants. It's been two years people. TWO years since we started potty training. Two years of pretty constant daily accidents. That definitely challenges my patience. Every single day. (And then Charlie doesn't like pooping in the potty... so help me!!)

Eli is also very particular and sensitive. Sensitive to loud people and sounds, sensitive to other kids messing with his stuff or saying things that aren't really true. I am constantly working with him to better control his emotions and reactions when things don't go his way. He is extra emotional when we're in his domain (his bedroom or playing with his things). Charlie usually just tunes him out and doesn't get flustered by Eli's craziness. I figure Charlie is learning great life skills from a young age dealing with his funny sibling... :)

We went to the zoo on Monday, but before we left, Eli got extremely sad because he was worried the zebras wouldn't be outside because it was too cold. (It actually was a decent weather day) He seriously cried and cried before going to the zoo because he was so sure he wouldn't get to see the zebras. Thankfully the zebras WERE outside and easy to go see. They were the absolute highlight for him. It's a challenge though to have everything go his way all the time - that isn't how life works after all.

I love this little boy (and Charlie too!) so much. I love talking to him, pretending and creating stories with him, and teaching him new things. He can be social and has some really sweet friends, but I get anxious thinking about him having to start fresh in school with a classroom full of kids he doesn't know, since none of his preschool friends will be there. I worry about him being in school all day (so sad for little kindergartners!!). He will eat up all of the information and learning, but may struggle with kids who misbehave or don't follow the rules, because he really likes rules and gets distressed when other kids are disruptive.

He will be five in May. I can't believe it. When I tuck him in at night, we always say the same things and he asks if I'm ready for a really tight squeeze. I shake my head no, I'm not ready! And then he asks, "Are you sure?" I say, "I don't know..." and then he puts his arms around my neck and squeezes me super tight. He is so dear! :)


Marci said...

Eli and Addie really are super similar. It is so hard to be a mom and try and patient through their quirks. I've been debating have Addie assessed through our school district before kindergarten starts or if I should see how she does there and do it after. It is tough to know the right things to do sometimes for our sweet little kiddos. Hang in there with the potty stuff!

kelly said...

aww...i loved this post! what a sweet little love-bug. don't you just wish you could put him in a time capsule sometimes?! give him an extra tight squeeze tonight.

Laura Tanner said...

You could try this angry birds activity. We like the game at our house too. :-)