Sunday, June 17, 2012

Last Day of Preschool

I was really, really sad about preschool ending this year.
I will admit to crying before the day started, during preschool, and after on the drive home :) Some of it I'm blaming on pregnancy hormones, but I probably would have cried if I wasn't pregnant. Eli getting older is really hitting me hard!!

Here is their preschool class, missing one little girl who was out of town and adding a sibling or two. 
Rebekeh (one of their wonderful teachers) went all out this year with their teacher gifts. She gave the kids the book, "Oh The Places You'll Go!" with an inscription from both her and Nancy, the other teacher, with the idea that we'll have Eli's teachers write a note each year as he finishes a grade of school. The bags also had little photo books for each child with pictures from the year. 
Here is Eli with one of his favorite friends, Evelyn, and then Evelyn with Ava, his other dear friend. He needs some little boys his age to play with!! All of his good friends seem to move away :( Sad. These girls will be here for a long time, but they won't be at the same elementary school. Eli doesn't have any friends going to school with him in the fall, which makes me nervous, but I'm hoping he'll make friends quickly. 
all of the crazy kids playing in Nancy's back yard. The boys have always done this Montessori setup, or Nancy's home preschool (she teaches at a private montessori school in Evanston as well).  I love the multi-age group and that Eli and Charlie could be in preschool together. Charlie is really going to miss having Eli around next year!!
here's Eli with Nancy and Rebekeh:
both boys with their teachers:
more friends piled in to the shot :)
the boys and I - this shirt doesn't make me look as pregnant as others for some reason (see the Father's Day post also from tonight - I look a lot larger there). It helps that I'm sitting down/hiding the belly too :)
love these boys and their cute ages!

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