Monday, February 07, 2011

Northwestern v. Illinois (Men's Basketball)

On Saturday, we got last-minute tickets from friends to go see the Northwestern basketball game vs Illinois, which was going to be a big game. Eli was SO EXCITED about going to a "Go Cats" game. (Eli and Charlie still say, "Go Cats!" every time we drive past the stadium).
Did I mention there were free Northwestern t-shirts at each seat?? Eli and Ben were sporting their men's size large t-shirts with pride :)
Charlie lasted a lot longer than we expected, but he got pretty wiggly in the second half and was getting tired, so he and I walked home a little early so he could take a nap. But that walk home took a longgggg time. Charlie had way too much fun stomping in the snow.
Charlie snuck one of the Candyland guys into his hoodie pocket (before the game) and surprised me with it on our walk home. He was pretty funny with the blue guy...
Here he is giving the blue guy a high five :)
I kept running ahead, then stopping and taking pictures of Charlie - then he caught on and would take off running toward me laughing and excited to catch up.
Looking at these pictures makes me realize how much snow is really outside. There are these huge mounds of snow all over the place. We're supposed to have some really cold days this week (at least one of them going below zero once again, yuck). February is always the worst, longest month in Chicago - when we're all so sick of the cold weather, the gray skies, the snow, and every inconvenience of dealing with winter here. (Good thing summer and fall are so pretty!)
Our walk home took 30 minutes (Charlie was going at a very leisurely pace with his little legs), so by the time we were almost home, his nose was running, but he didn't care. He was so happy after the basketball game and a winter walk home. Love this boy!
Eli and Ben stayed until the very end of the game - Eli was so excited that Northwestern beat Illinois by one point. Thanks Mike and Saralyn for the tickets - Go Cats! :)

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