Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Charlie the Dinosaur

Charlie has been roaring like a dinosaur a lot lately, and of course right before I grabbed my camera, he was roaring super loud in a really funny way (Eli was behind the door reacting to the roaring in his super strong way - their interactions are always full of emotion, happy or grumpy...).

But once I was pointing the camera at Charlie, he toned down his roar quite a bit. The roaring drives Eli crazy, who at this point was finishing up in the bathroom. I think the video epitomizes Charlie's little 2-year-old attitude ("I'm not," he says very succinctly at the beginning after the first roar - later he asks, "What are you doing, Eli?"). Ben likes to call him Charliesoar.

Charlie Roaring Like a Dinosaur (March 2011) from Sarah on Vimeo.

Tonight we were out running some errands before bedtime, and the kids were taking turns playing Angry Birds on Ben's phone. Charlie kept saying, "I want the iPhone - angry birds" when it wasn't his turn. I love hearing Charlie put sentences together and communicate what he wants, even if it's to play a silly iPhone game.


Krista said...

love the roar! hate that my internet take 500 hours to load your video. :)
I had a tiny addiction to angry birds one day. I can understand why charlie must have it!

Erica said...

Our boys would get along so well, Sarah. Gabe is totally into dinosaur's right now.

Krazy Khania said...

That is SOOOO great! I him and I love Eli adding the back round chatter.