Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tube Down my Throat, Chartie, Super Dog, and Other Bits from the Week

I'm going to start with today and go backwards over the last week or so. Pictures will come soon.

Today I had an appointment with an ENT (ear nose throat doctor). I brought my kids along because I knew the appointment wouldn't be very long, and to my great relief, they were really well behaved and watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on my iPod while sitting together on one chair. I've had a feeling that I needed to see an ENT for a while now, but I put it off because I was worried it would be uncomfortable or invasive.

Well... it was! But I survived and it really wasn't that big of a deal. The doctor's assistant threaded a small tube with a camera up through one side of my nose and down my throat to get a good look at my throat. It was very uncomfortable and a tiny bit painful, but it didn't last very long, which was the upside. The doctor kept telling me to breathe through my mouth. And at one point I had to say, "Eeeeee" so they could see how my throat looked when I talked - try doing that with a tube in your throat!! Sure enough, it's red and inflamed and my symptoms point to acid reflux. I'll go on prevacid and also do a nasal steroid spray. Doesn't this all sound fun?? :) The biggest bummer is that the caffeine in chocolate is an acid reflux trigger, so I'm supposed to go easy on the chocolate. Which is great for my health, but sad for me! I'm also not supposed to eat late at night, which shouldn't be a big deal.

The boys have been so funny lately. Eli started calling Charlie, "Chart" or "Chartie" and we think it's a really cute nickname. They are still very up and down with how they play with each other and interact, but there are definitely lots of sweet moments when Eli isn't screaming at Charlie for taking his toys or knocking down his towers. :) I love hearing them laugh and be crazy together.

Eli is fully immersed in being creative and imaginative, and often has a running dialogue or story about how whatever we're doing relates to Super Dog and his adventures. We were in Costco this morning and Eli talked the entire time. No joke. Super Dog was mentioned throughout the shopping trip. "Super Dog loves granola bar samples and uses them for energy to fly and save people." "Super Dog was fighting Bad Dog and..."

Charlie is very specific about which parent he prefers, but it depends on whether it's a weekday or weekend. I am the weekday parent and Charlie will glare at Ben if he tries to help get him out of his seat at dinner or basically do anything for him. Charlie gets excited when Ben comes home from work, but really prefers me to help him or read stories or whatever. But on the weekends when Ben is around more, it totally switches and Ben is the preferred parent. It's really funny to watch him do this throughout the week.

Charlie is also very into reading books right now and prefers to do this while snuggled up in my lap. He is the coziest little child and backs right up into my lap and sits down with a book in his hand. There are times of the day where we will sit together and read book after book after book. Eli recently checked a book out from the library called, "Snow Dude" and both kids really love it for some reason. I am getting a little tired of reading Snow Dude. :)

It's been about a full year since we first started potty training Eli. This process has been pretty frustrating and while Eli is doing pretty well now, he still has an accident a few times a week and it drives me and Ben crazy. He has all sorts of incentives for staying dry (his current fave is that he gets to play a few rounds of Angry Birds when Ben comes home if he stays dry in the day). But he still has plenty of times when he just doesn't go to the bathroom on time and pees in his pants.

My Gram turns 86 on Wednesday and we had a birthday lunch for her at our place over the weekend. I am so proud of her for reaching this birthday and for being cancer-free. She is a remarkable woman and my boys love her so so much.

I had a newborn photo shoot and a wedding session about a week ago - hence why none of my personal pictures are loaded onto my computer yet! I'm still editing pics from those sessions and will be caught up soon. Life is flying by and I'm constantly working to have a balance with spending time with Ben and the kids and making time for my business.  It's all a lot of fun and I'm enjoying the process!

Finally... here's a video, "Teach Me How to Jimmer" that Ben showed the kids over the weekend and they love the "Teach me how to Jimmer" voice. It's funny hearing Eli and Charlie talk about Jimmer, their favorite basketball guy. Way to go BYU basketball!!!! Jimmer Fredette really is amazing as is the whole team. We have some friends who just booked flights and got tickets to go to the game in New Orleans this Thursday. Ben was tempted, but isn't going down with them. We'll be rooting for the team here in Chicago!

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