Sunday, May 08, 2011

Muddy, Rainy, Sometimes Sunny Spring

It's been such a rainy and cold Spring.
Home_April 2011 Pictures-29
We've gotten lots of mileage out of those frog rain boots.
Home_April 2011 Pictures-28
Sometimes though, the rain just makes you want to yell :)
Home_April 2011 Pictures-32
Thankfully we've had some sunshine peeking through too.
Home_April 2011 Pictures-33
At playgroup a few weeks ago - we had a great turnout because everyone was so stir crazy after days and days of rain.....
Playgroup April 2011-1
And last week after my mom's piano students' recital, the boys had fun running around outside and smelling the flowers -
Piano Recital_May 2011-3
Piano Recital_May 2011-10
Piano Recital_May 2011-15
Piano Recital_May 2011-20
Piano Recital_May 2011-21
Piano Recital_May 2011-23
Happy Mother's Day Mom! She's a fabulous piano teacher - we had a great time listening to her students' pieces and it's fun to see the kids' progress from last year. My boys are lucky they will be able to take lessons from her when they are a little older.


Brittany said...

so many great pictures! you can really see eli's personality in some of them, so funny! and i feel your pain; our winter/spring has been so gloomy!

Aaron and Emily said...

You have an awful lot of piano teachers in your family, don't you.

Krista said...

Yes, the rain does make you sometimes want to yell. Where was charlie when I needed him. I love the daffodils too with the boys. So pretty.