Saturday, May 14, 2011

Scooter Kids on Mother's Day

I had a wonderful Mother's Day this year! Especially when I think back to last year when Ben accidentally gave me some expired bacon as a part of my breakfast in bed, which made me so sick. It's pretty comical but I'm glad this year was more normal.

Ben, Eli and Charlie were so sweet to me. They brought me breakfast in bed and sang some cute songs... later I ran over to the Mother's Day Housewalk put on by the historical society and enjoyed seeing some beautiful homes, one of which is the house where I had nannied at, so that was extra fun. I'll post pictures sometime soon.

After church, my family came over for dinner and the boys had fun showing off their scooter skills. Here is a video with some funny clips of the boys scootering and some pictures from that afternoon. Eli was in a bad mood at the beginning, but his mood improved as he scooted along.

And just for fun - here are the recaps of previous Mother's Days: 2010 (halfway down the post), 2009, 2008.

One of these days I'll actually get caught up on blogging... 


Krista said...

so cute. I love the crash in the beginning. :) I also love eli and your grumpy face pic. :) funny.

Caleb and Elizabeth said...

They are so adorable! cute little people:0) I just found one scooter at goodwill yesterday and I'm teaching Caleb how to use it. I need to show him this video...very cool!

Jenna said...

that Charlie is so grown up! I loved the grumpy picture too. Those are the best scooters. They are so fast! Davis wants one so bad but I'm afraid I won't be able to keep up. His radio flyer may just have to do.

This made me want a backyard. A real one, not the neighborhood park! :)

Heather said...

Are those scooters the mini-kicks? Are they worth the money? I've heard they are the best, but they look kind of short (Ella is really tall). Is the size still okay for Eli?

Love the pics!