Saturday, December 31, 2011

Park Outing in December

Ben had the day after Christmas off from work, so we took advantage of the unusually warm December day and headed to the park to play and ride bikes. (All month has been pretty nice - 40-degree temps in Chicago at this time of year are a treat!!) Look at those blue skies!

First, here's Ben showing off on the playground... :)
Then Eli copying him -  
 Climbing Charlie:
 It was high noon when we were at the park, so the sun was pretty intense and overhead, but I liked the effect on the photos. 

Charlie had a nice juice mustache from indulging in cranberry juice at breakfast. We don't usually give our kids juice, but I'm okay with it on holidays/vacation/when we're not at our house.

Love these boys! They are so fun.

(I will post Christmas pictures soon!)


Jenna said...

Look at those big boys riding bikes! I wish Davis was there to ride along with them!

I just read your Grinch post too! Those pics are amazing! Jeff is the best!

Loved your Christmas card! You sound like you are very busy with photography! So awesome!

Danielle said...

Wow... No snow there, either? This winter was meant to be spent out of doors!