Monday, July 02, 2012

Call Me Maybe

I have a few 12-year-old girls from the neighborhood who come over once/week or so and play with the boys while I get photography work done. They taught my boys the Call Me Maybe song (and no, they have not seen the music video, which is totally over the top) and it's turned into one of their current favorite songs, especially for Charlie. Here's a small taste of them singing it (sometimes they really belt it out though, this was more tame). Charlie calls it the crazy song.

My other Charlie-ism from the week is when I tuck him in bed, we say our usual routine and then give a big hug. Lately he has been super cuddly and when he gives me a hug, he squeezes really tight around my neck and says, "I'm not letting go yet! I'm still holding on..." and says it over and over until he gets tired and finally releases me.

AND I gave him a kiss on the cheek today and he went to wipe it. I asked if he was wiping it to his bum (which is still usually what he says when he wipes off my kisses, little stinker :), but this time he said, "No, I'm wiping it to my heart."

Love him. (Eli too :) My Eli story is that he is very into accents now and loves to speak with a British, Italian, or some similar kind of accent. I give all credit to Francesco from Cars 2. Eli likes to try to roll his r sounds. It's always very spontaneous, so it's hard to capture on video.

I have hardly any pictures with this pregnancy. Here are two self-taken pics that I attempted a few days ago in front of two different mirrors. Not the cutest shots, but you get the idea. Third trimester baby bump is in full effect and he has started pushing up into my ribs, making them sore and also restricting my ability to breathe deeply. Awesome.

I don't know why I looked so serious in this one. Taking a cell phone picture sideways of yourself in the mirror is not as easy as it seems.
Still no baby name. 11 weeks to go. Sorry Baby Trio! We'll figure it out eventually. Eli, Charlie and ????


Jenn said...

You look amazing, Sarah! You are so tiny. And your boys are so cute singing!

Brittany said...

you look great! that video is too funny! we love singing loudly to that song in the car

Aaron and Emily said...

Hey, how come you look so good?!

Kell's Belles said...

You are adorable! So fun to see those pictures!

Good luck with the name. It's so hard :)

Lindy & Trever said...

Love the singing. I am also loving your new blog header and your cure belly. You are a cute pregnant lady.