Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Maternity Pictures

I have this wonderful friend, Liz Hansen, who moved to Evanston at the beginning of the summer and we've bonded over our love for photography and the fact that we both have kids with potty issues. :) She offered a while ago to take some maternity photos of me, and while I was a little leery about the thought of posing by myself with my very round belly, I decided to take her up on it. This is quite possibly our last baby and I am so glad that she captured this amazing time of life, five weeks before this little guy's due date. September 16th is coming extremely fast. 
 I posted some of these on Facebook, but I'm posting these on my blog for the few who don't go on FB very often :)
 My favorite comment on FB for this picture below was from Rebekah N.: "You look ready to take on anything that baby can throw at you." 
Bring on the likely long, hard delivery, the sleepless nights, and the overall exhaustion that comes with having a newborn + two other kids around. :)
 I was in Denver a few weeks ago and had my friend's dad (a jeweler) put new rhodium on my white gold ring that was looking extremely yellow before. Glad my nails were painted too :) That almost never happens. 
 This baby feels really heavy already. I'm worried about my babies getting bigger each time (Eli was 7 lb 11 oz, Charlie was 8 lb 2 oz... I'd be excited to have a 7 pounder again :)
I don't have a huge maternity wardrobe. When I look at both of these shirts (pink and the blue striped), I realize I probably wear them each once/week. And I'm realizing the striped shirt makes me look bigger than the pink shirt. 
 The image below is my favorite shot. The lake is down below and we were up on the bluff. It was an extremely gray early evening, no sun at all. But the bright (albeit gray) sky still made the silhouette pop. So fun!


The Yosts said...

You look fabulous!

DC Diva said...

Love these! I want to do this some day. (I think.)

Krista said...

Oh I love these. I love the silouette sp? shots too. You look so fabulous. Seriously. I love your cute pink shirt too.

Lindy & Trever said...

Beautiful! Love them all but the last one is my favorite too. Can't wait to meet baby number three.