Sunday, September 30, 2012

Funny Charlie-isms

Eli was off to school and I was feeling really tired one morning, so Charlie and I were snuggling together and having quiet time while Andrew was napping. Charlie leaned over and whispered very seriously in my ear, "Your hair is crazy!" I started laughing and he said, "Shhhhh!! WHY are you laughing?" Charlie is extra aware of anyone laughing at him and tells us constantly, "STOP IT!" if we're laughing and he thinks it's directed at or about something he's doing.

On another day, Charlie was asking to watch a show, and I said I would let him watch two shows and then we would turn it off. I asked him if he would cooperate and not throw a fit when it was time to turn off the tv, and this was his response: "I won't cry and do such bad tricks. Like hitting is a bad thing...throwing yourself on the floor is a bad thing. That's all of the bad things I know."

Charlie found two copies of the same book in the bookshelf (long story for why we have two), and he kept saying, "What on EARTH? What on earth? We have TWO pirate books. One down to the seas, and two down to the seas, one, two!"

Charlie adores little Andrew and gets really excited every time his baby is awake. "Can I see his eyes? Can I see his eyes??" is what he always asks. Then he gets really close to Andrew's face and looks in his eyes. I love it and think they will be cute friends as Andrew gets older.
Here's a pic of all of my boys last night at bedtime. Love the tiny baby hanging out with his dad and big brothers.  


The Knisley's said...

Sarah!! Andrew is a doll! I wish I could meet him and Charlie. I still can't believe so much time has passed since I've seen you all. I hope you are feeling well! I love you and and so happy for you and your sweet family!! :-)

Sarah Beck said...

Oh my goodness, I've been out of the blogger realm for a while, but congrats on Andrew! What a sweet boy. You two make beautiful babies :)