Saturday, October 27, 2007

Walk to the Lake

Later this afternoon we took a walk to Lake Michigan over at Northwestern's campus. This was the first time Eli rode in this stroller without being in his car seat (before we used a car seat adapter, all of this thanks to my awesome baby shower group gift!). I just can't believe how big Eli is getting - he can now ride in a jogging stroller without the worry that he's being jostled around too much (granted we weren't jogging, but still!).

Anyway, we enjoyed seeing the bright leaves along the way, and once we arrived to the campus, Ben was busy looking at the fish so I snapped some pictures of Eli to pass the time. I can't describe the love I feel for this sweet baby!

Ben and Eli in front of a beautiful tree on the way to the lake.

Sometimes I just want to squeeze this soft little guy!

In the picture below you can see Chicago's skyline in the background.

Eli smiling at Ben. :)

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Marci said...

It looks like you guys are having a good Halloween so far! I love his costume - did you check out the sales they have right now for next year? I'm tagging you so check my blog for what to do :-)!

Amber Robbins said...

What a cute caterpillar costume!

Abecka said...

Eli you are the cutest thing int the world!!!

Sarah Smith said...

I am so sad to not be able to walk Jack by the lake! We miss Chicago and you guys! Eli is so adorable and so big! I just want to squeeze those cute cheeks!