Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Charlie's Baby Blessing

Charlie had his baby blessing at church on Sunday. Ben gave him a wonderful blessing, to have a healthy mind, strong conscience, and to have a heart full of compassion and charity. He was also blessed with courage in these turbulent times. Charlie was perfect during the blessing and was awake, but didn't cry.

Here he is in his onesie before getting dressed (I love his chubby rolls)
Charlie loves getting his diaper changed - he coos and smiles and is very interactive
Charlie was blessed in the same outfit that Eli was blessed in - we were hoping for nice spring weather, but we woke up to snow on Sunday. So Charlie wasn't really dressed for the weather, but that's okay :)
Here we are with both Ben's parents and my family after church. Eli having fun with Ben's dad:
My dad talking to Charlie
My mom and Charlie (She's lost 17 pounds now! My dad has lost a lot as well but I don't know his official total as of this week. Good job to both of you!!)
Eli being crazy on the couch with Ben before we attempted to take a family picture
Eli was not in the mood to sit still :)
Oh well, we tried, right? :)
We had a yummy dinner with green salad, fruit salad, lemon garlic chicken, brown rice, and broccoli.

Here's Charlie in Ben's arms during dinner being mellow
My Gram turned 84 last week, so we celebrated her birthday on Sunday as well. Eli wanted to blow out a candle too, so we stuck one in a muffin:
My mom made a chocolate cake out of her low glycemic diet cookbook, so it was a very healthy version. Gram insisted on 85 candles on the cake :) (she always has one to grow on)
She blew them all out in just a few puffs. Thankfully the smoke alarm didn't go off!
Ben's mom with Charlie

Our family room isn't well insulated, so Ben is always wrapped up in a blanket
Gram tried on Ben's snuggie, which kept her warm :) She loves to tie bows and ribbons around her head when she opens presents.
And finally, a picture of me and Ben with Charlie. He was crying and tired by this point, but I still think it's cute!


Mike, Jess and Elijah said...

Congratulations on baby Charlie's blessing! I'm glad that you had a good time with everyone being in town. You are such a beautiful family!

Joe V. said...

Boy, you two look like you haven't aged a bit. Congratulations. :-)

Hillary said...

I love all your pics. I really felt like I was there for the blessing. Congrats on having your family there to celebrate and having such a fun time. Charlie is the cutest and so is Eli. I love Charlie round face and chubby cheeks.

Beckie said...

what great pictures. I am sad I missed his blessing. He looked so sweet.
you just have the cutest boys!

Danielle said...

I love that cake with 85 candles! I want a fireball cake like that THIS YEAR! But I suppose I'll wait till I'm 84, too :)

Rachel said...

Such a fun post -- so many things to comment on. Charlie is so stinking cute -- what a fun blessing day. That is great that Ben's parents were able to be there as well. I love that you are already putting him in the Bumbo -- I guess I need to pull ours out. Love the pictures of Gram with her birthday cake and all her candles. Hilarious. And do you really have that wearable blanket thing? We love the commercial for that -- did you order that for Ben for Christmas? Hope all is well.