Friday, March 27, 2009

Field Museum

Ben's parents flew in from California yesterday! They are here for Charlie's baby blessing at church this Sunday. Today we all went to the Field Museum (a huge natural history museum) with my friend Heather and her 1-year-old daughter Tabitha. (Ben was working so he didn't come along, unfortunately)

There is a fun hands-on learning lab for little kids on the bottom floor of the museum. Eli had fun playing with these wooden frogs (we have one at home too):

Here he is walking with Cheryl - he has been really sweet with Grandma and Grandpa from the start of their trip - he recognized them from the picture we have of them in our living room - it was cute.

Here are the boys and grandparents in front of the massive elephants on the main floor of the museum. Eli was happier than he looks :) This is Charlie in his first outfit... later he spit up/threw up all over me and soaked us both. Unfortunately, I only thought to bring a change of clothes for him! So I walked around wet and smelling like spit-up for the rest of our time at the museum.
Here are Eli and Cheryl looking at Sue, the largest, most complete t-rex in the world:
Eli and Larry (I don't know why I couldn't get pictures of Eli smiling!! It was pretty warm in the museum - hence the flushed cheeks :)
Tabitha and Eli at the end of our trip, both looking a little tired and dazed:
Here we are in front of the big gorilla.
Tonight Eli had fun sitting on his grandma's lap while she played some songs on the piano.
It was a fun day!


Beckie said...

I love the picture of Tabitha and Eli

Kelly D. said...

Yay for in-laws! Looks like a really fun outing (and it must have been nice to have a couple of extra sets of hands!).

I'm wishing you a beautiful blessing day tomorrow! So exciting!

Krazy Khania said...

how fun!!

Jenna said...

So fun to have family come. That Field Museum is something else! I could spend hours there! Charlie is changing so fast! He is so handsome!