Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Greek Grandfather

My Greek grandfather, Phokion Karas, passed away today. He lived in Boston, and Ben and I visited him there five years ago, which was a fun experience. I'm glad Ben got to meet him. He visited my family a handful of times while I was growing up, but he always sent me a Christmas present from Filene's Basement in Boston. He loved shopping at Filene's. His gifts usually smelled like moth balls, which is kind of a funny memory.

My grandfather was an architectural photographer and was also a very good cook. He liked to ride his bike around the city and was a regular at the outdoor food markets to pick up fresh produce and fish.

He was very proud of his Greek heritage, so I think it's neat that he passed away today, on Greek Independence Day.

It's strange to think that both of my grandfathers have passed away within just a few months of the other.


jcsev said...

I am sorry that your grandpa passed away, Sarah. I didn't know that you were part Greek! That is really neat. Is he your mom's dad?

Sarah S said...

Yes - it is my mom's dad. So I am a quarter Greek.

Marci said...

He is so cute! I love his little outfit and it was fun to hear your memories of him :-)!

Aaron and Emily said...

Wow, you have had a lot of your grandparents pass away these last few years, I'm sorry.

You're greek?! I didn't realize. Well then you must love My Big Fat Greek Wedding because it is about Greeks AND based in Chicago!

Sarah Smith said...


I am so sorry for your loss. He sounds like a fun man! I hope you guys are doing well. I love the picture at the top of your blog with Charlie and Eli- they are just adorable!

Jodie, Stefan and Natalia said...

sorry to hear about your grandpa. He sounds so cute!