Friday, June 03, 2011

Charlie and Eli Stats

Charlie is a tiny spitfire, but also a sweet, lovable, spunky little 2-year-old. He will say or repeat almost anything now, most of it makes sense, but sometimes I have to repeat different things back about 10 times before I get it right. I'm always amazed when we read books together and he can finish each sentence. He can count to twenty in his cute little voice and has strong opinions about what he wears each day. That kid has such cute clothes in his drawers but prefers about five shirts, the rest he yells, "NO!" and throws them across the room when I pull them out in the morning. Eli is the opposite and usually really easygoing about what I set out for him to wear. 

We went to the doctor today for Eli's 4-year checkup, but also for a weight check for Charlie, who is up to 24 pounds (he gained 2 pounds in 5 months, whoo hoo) and is consistently following the third percentile for weight. His doc says three percent is fine and he's just happy to see Charlie following the same growth curve. He's just a skinny little guy.

Eli measured in at 40.2 inches (he's gone up from 25% to 50%) and 33 pounds (25%). As Dr. Andy put it, "He'll be taller than you!"

I would hope so :) He has 20.4 inches to go.

These shots of Charlie were from tonight before bedtime. Eli's legs were sore from his vaccinations, so he went inside early and got his Angry Birds fix since he stayed dry all day. So Charlie had free reign of the yard and both parents to play with him. 
And finally, here's my favorite shot of Ben and Charlie from a few weeks ago:
Eli's 4th Birthday Part 2 - the party and after-38


Krista said...

oh cutie! Love that charlie boy.

The Yosts said...

cute pictures of cut boys!! I like how you are doing the layout with the pictures. I need to learn how to do cool things like that :)

The Yosts said...

That was cute boys not "cut" :)

Lindy & Trever said...

Adorable! You have such cute kiddos. The spunk can drive you crazy at times but you have to love them! Charlie is a sweetie.

Aaron and Emily said...

Charlie sounds just like Samu when it comes to getting dressed. Except Samu prefers only pj's and swimsuits.

Aimee said...

I didn't realize Charlie was such a skinny guy. Glad he's hanging on his growth curve. Very cute pictures!

Caleb and Elizabeth said...

They are soooooooooooo cute! Charlie has such a sweet face... he is a saint:0)

Jess said...

I think your Charlie and my Madeline would get along great. It sounds like they both have spitfire personalities, and at her 2 year checkup a month ago, she was 23.5 lbs. I love little spitfires!