Thursday, June 02, 2011

Eli's 4-Year-Old Faces

I took these pictures on our front porch after Eli's birthday party a few weeks ago in the evening when he was already in his pjs and almost ready for bed. I love his fun personality and creative spirit! This kid makes me smile every day with his funny phrases and comments about everything.

"Mom, this is SO awesome!"

"Mom, I have a special marble and the other marbles can't fly."

"Mom, this is SO impressive."

"Well, do you want to see this? Watch me."

"Look mom! Are you looking?"

"I used Eli power."

"Does Charlie get a timeout? He totally hit me."

"Can you get a spoon? I want to make something awesome. And then I'll make something cool."

"I always love light blue."

"Do you want to see how hard I can jump on the ground? It goes KABOOM! But I may need a helmet."

"No problem."

He talks and talks and talks and I am eating up this cute stage of his life. He's curious and coming up with new stories and ideas all the time.


RP said...

He sure is cute! We were just talking about "our friend Eli" just the other day!

Marci said...

He is such a cutie...I love the pictures! My favorite phrase of his is, "I used Eli power!" So cute :-)!

Aaron and Emily said...

I really like that center bottom picture of him. It's a really cute expression. I can't wait to hear him talk and talk!

Krista said...

I love that you recorded phrases too. I feel like I forget the cute things that my kids say all the time! good job.