Monday, September 19, 2011

Block Party

Helloooo out there. I can't believe how little I've blogged lately. I'm going to start with some quick easy posts so I won't feel so overwhelmed with catching up. Last weekend was our neighborhood block party, which had activities going throughout the day on Saturday. We walked back and forth from our house to the festivities multiple times. Through the alley, around the corner...
Block Party 2011-1 Block Party 2011-2
The boys loved the bouncy house and had fun jumping with our cute neighbor Sasha. She is so sweet with them.
Block Party 2011-3 Block Party 2011-4 Block Party 2011-5 Block Party 2011-7
There were lots of fun activities for kids - a candy scramble, egg toss, water balloon toss, and the street was blocked off so kids could scooter and bike in the street, which seemed very liberating! Eli made some new friends and was so cute every time he would run back over to me and whisper, "MOM! I made a NEW FRIEND!"

I would ask what his new friend's name was, and he had no idea. Gotta love it. That forced me to go meet the little girl's mom so I could find out! There are a ton of little kids in our neighborhood, but we're around the corner from most of them so we don't run into them very often. The block party is a great way to become reacquainted.

In the middle of the day we came back so Charlie could nap and Eli could have a break. Eli wasn't too pleased that we had to go home :)
Block Party 2011-8 Block Party 2011-9 Block Party 2011-10
Ohh the drama, Mr. 4-year-old. The eye roll is just classic.

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