Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Target Practice

My parents gave the boys these water squirter toys a few weeks ago, and while the weather has gotten cooler, they are still as excited as ever to find new uses for these things. Last night we played outside in the back yard and the kids had fun squirting water from up high in the playset.
Water Guns and Target Practice-3
Ben filled a bucket up with water and put it up with the boys so they could easily refill their squirters.
Water Guns and Target Practice-2
They practiced shooting water at all kinds of things.
Water Guns and Target Practice-1
I love Eli's look of determination here - 
Water Guns and Target Practice-4
By the end, they mainly just shot water at the different kids' chairs set up in the grass. It was fun to watch them focus on the target.
Water Guns and Target Practice-5
It was the annual ward fun run again last Saturday. Charlie threw one of his gigantic fits before the kids and I left for the race and it was not a pretty sight. He wanted Ben (not me), who had left early to help set up. Charlie screamed and screamed and my blood boiled from the aggravation of it all, but we finally made it to see the end of the race. Ben ran in the 5K and once again lost to the Northwestern wrestler who is 10 years younger than Ben :) Ben had been training for the last month or so to worked on his speed, and was happy that he beat his expectations for his running time.

We had a nice rest of the day on Saturday and met my family for lunch at Portillo's. Happy Birthday to my mom (her birthday was Thursday) and to my dad (last Sunday). We met my parents, brother, gram, and some family friends there at the restaurant and had fun with gifts and food and catching up. And happy birthday to Ben's dad too, who has the same birthday as my dad!
Stuart Parents Birthday-1
(We brought birthday hats for my parents and the boys... my parents were sweet to put the hats on for the picture :)


Marci said...

I love the high perspective of these! What were you standing on?! (I'm picturing you on a big ladder to get the shot :-)

Sarah S said...

Good question :) I was standing on our back porch, which is surprisingly pretty high from the ground. A big ladder is a great idea though if we didn't have the perspective from the porch.

Mostess Mommy said...

Aw! What cute pictures of the boys and I soooooo miss the fun run! Congrats to Ben for trying! It's funny b/c on Saturday, I was telling Matt that I was totally craving Portillo's and would have LOVED to have some food from there! I must have been on y'alls wavelength!

Jenna said...

cute pics! It's like the secret garden in your back yard!! Those boys are sure cute. What a fun afternoon for them. davis LOVES squirt guns!