Monday, September 19, 2011

This summer we spent a handful of Wednesdays attempting soccer with some neighbors who had kids the same age as ours. Most of the time we met at a park and brought the soccer goals, had a picnic dinner, and tried to give the kids a chance to work on their soccer skills.

Most of the time though, that translated into the kids running back and forth between the goals :)

Soccer Finale - Neighbors-3 Soccer Finale - Neighbors-4 
At least it's exercise of some kind!
Soccer Finale - Neighbors-6 
We did our soccer finale in our back yard - here are the kids that were there that day (there were a few other families who participated but weren't able to come to our finale). Of course my child is the one being silly (he has a fruit snack in between his teeth). 
Soccer Finale - Neighbors-18 Soccer Finale - Neighbors-19 
After I said we were done taking their group picture, the kids busted off of the bench and started dancing. It was pretty funny.
Soccer Finale - Neighbors-20 Soccer Finale - Neighbors-29 Soccer Finale - Neighbors-35 Soccer Finale - Neighbors-42 
My friend Becca tried taking some pictures of the four of us, but that always goes so well when you have two boys ages 2 1/2 and 4. 

Soooo well. (My hair was crazy in this first shot because Charlie kept reaching down and messing it up. I call him my little stinkpot, which he thinks is hilarious and has now made up a "stinkpot dance." It makes me smile.
Soccer Finale - Neighbors-47 Soccer Finale - Neighbors-48


Aaron and Emily said...

Love the new playset. Are the kids having a lot of fun in there? I think the shot of just you and Charlie and the one where Ben is throwing him up look great!

Elizabeth Severson said...

Looks like they had fun with soccer and just being with kids their own age. Sofia is also doing it. She really has a good time and it is coed.