Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dentist Appts and an Update

Eli and Charlie had dentists appointments a few weeks ago and I snapped a few pictures since it was Eli's second time to the dentist and Charlie's first time. Eli went first and showed Charlie how fun it was :) I was happy that Charlie was fine, didn't fight having tools in his mouth and was content to watch a show on the t.v. in front of him. 
Here are some random updates - 

Still has bathroom issues, pees his pants on a regular basis. It's been a loooong road and I really have to fight the urge to not get super frustrated when I realize he's had an accident. We took him to a pediatric urologist last month (who was wonderful but was running TWO hours behind that day!!). He recommended that we try the Rodgers Wireless Alarm underwear. He also ordered an x-ray and ultrasound on Eli's bladder, kidneys and spine and everything turned out fine. We just got the underwear and Eli is so excited about it, but had three accidents in one day. Boooo. 

We also met with a pediatric neurologist to rule out some more extreme reasons why Eli might still be having bladder issues. Thankfully, the neurologist was on time and very thorough, kind, and helpful. His recommendation was that Eli get re-evaluated for physical therapy (for his gross motor skills) and get a new evaluation for occupational therapy (for fine motor skills). Eli did physical therapy last year, but then we took a break because his therapist said he made great progress and she didn't think it was necessary for him to continue. It will be good to check in and see if things are okay. 

But the real breakthrough was when I spoke with the occupational therapist. 

I seriously wanted to cry when we hung up the phone, because I think she is going to be wonderful. She brought up that the fact that Eli has low muscle tone means it's a good possibility that he has sensory issues that keep him from sensing when he needs to go to the bathroom. There is a lot more to it, but I was SO hopeful when we hung up the phone. 

On a more positive note, Eli is very into building these days and his creations are more and more elaborate - with blocks, little legos, or anything else that he can find. It's so fun to watch him create and play with these tiny structures. He loves math and we talk about simple addition and substraction nonstop. 

"Mom, what does nine take away seven equal?" :) or - 

"Let's say I have four coins, then I give one away, but someone gives me one. How many coins do I have?" I love his inquisitive questions and that his brain is always thinking about things like that. I see a lot of Ben in Eli - they are both very analytical and methodical in what they do.

Is growing and changing and developing so fast. He says all kinds of stuff and a lot of his sentences make me laugh. He is a very independent child who can be feisty but also very sweet and tender. He still loves his blankie and stuffed puppy and sucks his thumb when he's holding them.

Charlie is still very into choosing his own outfits (much to my chagrin) and is very into wearing underwear now, so I guess we are potty training! I was very hesitant to start the potty training because we're still having so much difficulty with Eli, but it's been MUCH easier with Charlie. He usually does a little dance when he has to go, so I know to grab his hand and we run to the potty. He poops and pees on the potty just fine, it's just a matter of making it to the potty in time. I'm amazed at how simple this has been - he understands the concept and I'm sure it helps that he's the second child and will be three in January. But hallelujah for not having two difficult potty training children!

Both Kids:
They are becoming such good friends. It's hilarious watching them wrestle and roll around on the floor like little puppies. They are so funny together and I am constantly amazed at the fact that we have two boys that close together considering our fertility issues. We'll still hopefully have a third someday (it's now been 7 months since the miscarriage; so strange to think we would have had a baby next month), but in the meantime I feel blessed and lucky to have my darling kiddos. There is plenty of fighting and yelling between the boys, but for the most part, they get along pretty well. I love them to bits.

It's been yet another crazy year with work and we're crossing our fingers that things will start to get better. He's been playing in an indoor soccer league with some friends and LOVES it - I'm happy he has that outlet along with his book group. He's not excited about winter coming soon, but we're hoping to travel somewhere warm in the winter. We'll see. 

BUSY!!! But happy and trying to keep up with it all.

That's it - the end of my silly long post about the dentist and beyond :)


Rachel said...

I love update posts like this -- so fun to hear what is going on with your darling family. I hope you are well, for the most part. I've been wondering about you -- so sorry you won't be holding a sweet new baby next month.
I was looking at your photography blog yesterday, and I realized that another one of your friends has a Bountiful connection. I saw the post of the home birth, and although I didn't recognize the woman delivering the baby, I recognized her mom, Mary Brady! She is from Bountiful, and her son Scott is friends with my older brother, and Mark is just a year older than I am. Bob and Mary are the nicest people in the world. Anyway, can't believe all the Bountiful connections there are in your neck of the woods.
Still a bit sad you planned a trip to Denver that didn't include us, but hoping you really do make it back out here, sooner rather than later.
Love ya.

Marci said...

Loved the update! I always forget how close in age Charlie and Preston are...Sorry about the potty training trouble with Eli it sounds like a nightmare, but one that will hopefully be ending soon..I didn't know about your miscarriage and can't imagine going through that. Keep us posted if you come to Houston :-)!

Heather said...

So fun to hear an update. The boys are getting so big!

Krista said...

Great update. Didn't realize it would be next month. :( a big hug from over here.

Brittany said...

the boys are so cute with their little glasses! glad the dentist went smoothly; that can be such a nightmare! good luck with the occupational therapist; glad you're feeling good about it. sending good thoughts your way!

Gwendolyn said...

Oh Sarah I didn't know you had a miscarriage--I'm so sorry.
This is a great update. I'm not getting as much computer time these days so I'm glad to have a general catch-up post. Charlie wanting to potty train is pretty impressive. High five to him ;)