Thursday, October 20, 2011


Chicago is known for its wind (political and the weather kind of wind), but yesterday's wind was nuts. 60 mph winds that caused up to 25 ft. waves at Lake Michigan... it was a crazy day that knocked out our power for a few hours (this time was the last straw... when the power went out, I threw the kids in the van and headed straight to Costco to buy a generator that we had debated about the last time our power went out... We have lost power countless times this year and it's maddening!!). Thankfully our power is back on and we are safely warm and protected in our cozy house while the wind still howls outside.

Yesterday I drove over to the lake during preschool to snap some quick pictures of the crazy waves. It was SO windy at the beach and the wind was blowing sand and freezing rain everywhere. I could barely stay standing or open my eyes because I was being pummeled by the elements. I took a video on my phone to demonstrate how nuts the wind was -

Here are some of the pictures from the lake - the waves by us weren't as big as in the city, but still more frequent and bigger than normal.

Wind Storm Oct 19 2011-1 Wind Storm Oct 19 2011-2 Wind Storm Oct 19 2011-3 Wind Storm Oct 19 2011-4 Wind Storm Oct 19 2011-5 Wind Storm Oct 19 2011-6 Wind Storm Oct 19 2011-7 Wind Storm Oct 19 2011-8 Wind Storm Oct 19 2011-9 Wind Storm Oct 19 2011-10 Wind Storm Oct 19 2011-11
The metal lifeguard sign kept flying up in the wind.
Wind Storm Oct 19 2011-12 Wind Storm Oct 19 2011-13 Wind Storm Oct 19 2011-14 Wind Storm Oct 19 2011-15 Wind Storm Oct 19 2011-16  Wind Storm Oct 19 2011-18 Wind Storm Oct 19 2011-19 Wind Storm Oct 19 2011-23 Wind Storm Oct 19 2011-25 Wind Storm Oct 19 2011-26 Wind Storm Oct 19 2011-27
And one hilarious video from the news showing the huge waves in Chicago knocking down stupid bikers and runners who went past the barricades (people weren't supposed to be on the bike/running path because of the wave advisory). It makes me giggle seeing them get blasted by the water. They must have been FREEZING!!


Brittany said...

that is crazy! your video is insane--but you look so beautiful in it! i have friend traveling to chicago today; hope it's not too bad!

Krista said...

Yes crazy wind! I'm glad you got your generator! See you guys get the cool stuff first then we copy you :) love the video with you. I'm on my iPad so I need to watch the other on my computer.

Heather said...

Those waves are crazy! I have been really missing Chicago lately--but not the weather so much. :)

Danielle said...

Nice sound effects there:) j/k. What, Sarah, no parasailing? Looks like the perfect day for it!