Sunday, November 13, 2011

Recent Videos - Singing with Gram and Reading Books/Ninjas

I've been a total slacker with blogging lately, but here are two recent videos - the first is my Gram and Eli singing the Little Wee Man in a Little Wee House song that has cute actions. (and yes, we still have Halloween decorations up in our house, that's a paper spider garland on the wall) :)

Here are the words to the song - 
Little Wee Man in a Little Wee House
[first verse]
There's a little wee man, in a little wee house, 
lives over the way you see. 
And he sits by the window, and we works all day, 
making shoes for you and me.


A rap-a-tap-tap. A rap-a-tap-tap.
Hear the hammer tick-tack-tee.
A rap-a-tap-tap. A rap-a-tap-tap.
Making shoes for you and me.
[second verse]
He pulls the needle in and out, and the thread flies to and fro.
With his tiny hands he works all day. Hear the hammer steady blow!
[repeat refrain]

And finally, I snuck up on my kids last week early in the morning - Eli was reading a Curious George book to Charlie (mainly just telling the story while looking at the book) and it was really cute. It's a long video though so feel free to skip to about minute 3 1/2 when they decided to pretend to be ninjas and were jumping around being silly. This was with my laptop camera so the quality isn't super great in the low light, but that's okay. It cracks me up seeing Charlie constantly copy Eli. 


Danielle said...

I'm always amazed at how well Eli talks! He's perfectly clear and understandable!

Also, it's t to see the kinds of things boys come up with... I certainly have never had black ninjas jumping around my house... a lot of princesses and unicorns, though...

Krista said...

I think it is extra sweet to have your Gram singing songs. This is a fun memory for the boys and it will be fun to look back on over again years down the road.

Love black ninjas. Where in the world did he come up with that!?

natalie malan said...

Penny enjoys the videos. :) Are you coming out for Christmas? Or staying in Chicago? Miss you!!!!!