Thursday, March 22, 2012

Beach Days in March

I am still amazed that we spent multiple days at the beach in March. In Chicago. We have had the most glorious, beautiful warm weather over the last few weeks (which abruptly just ended and we're back to normal springtime weather - rain and cooler temps).
 We tried to live it up as much as possible and enjoyed playing by the lake. This particular day, there wasn't any parking at my favorite beach, so we headed to the next beach south. I wasn't as much a fan of this one because it was full of college students. Some smoking college students. (You are smart enough to get into Northwestern, but you smoke cigarettes?? I don't understand). There's nothing like enjoying time at the beach while someone is nearby smoking away.
Eli definitely noticed that we didn't go to our usual place, but he soon forgot about that and got to work making little pools near the edge of the water. 
Charlie had fun with this squirt gun.
The boys didn't go in the water as much this day, but the following week, Eli was running in and out of Lake Michigan like it was no big deal. 

(But the water really was freezing!!!)
It's really nice to be spoiled with great weather, especially when we're least expecting it. I didn't even mind today's cooler, damp air and pouring rain. :) Our warm weather this month beat all kinds of records. Eighty-five degrees in March is unheard of. I even turned the a/c on one night because the heat and humidity was making me nauseous. Everything is blooming around us and the kids are having fun spotting all of the popcorn trees everywhere :) Hooray for spring!!

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Aaron and Emily said...

We just took Ezra in for his 18 month and I think he is heavier than your cute little Charlie!