Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy Birthday to Sweet Gram (87 Years!!)

Gram turned 87 years old today!! We celebrated early at my parents' house last weekend because she was flying to California the day before her birthday to spend a few weeks visiting her sister and some friends. She showed up to our dinner in a pretty fabulous outfit :) I love her.
Eli is OBSESSED with anything related to Angry Birds and was excited to show his Great Gram the Chinese dragon and birds that he drew and cut out. He has a whole set of birds, pigs, the dragon, etc. and game boards that he's made too. It's pretty cute. He's also put lego sets together that he says are Angry Birds pieces, and when he's building with blocks, there is usually some Angry Birds connection. He doesn't even get to play the game very much, but this week Angry Birds Space came out and he was extremely excited. 

Okay back to the fabulous Gram :)
Charlie ran up and gave Gram a big hug :)
 She brought these little water toys for the boys and they love them. This turtle and duck are regulars in their baths, which have been quite frequent since we've been playing outside so much this week.
 I'm in the awkward stage where I feel chubby but don't look super pregnant. Just like I've gained five pounds. (because I have! thank you third baby)
 But I'm still posting these pics with my Gram despite my dislike for how I look because I think she looks wonderful. I hope I look this great at 87!
 My poor mom was being pulled in fifty directions inside while getting dinner finished up, but we got her to come outside and take a picture too. 
 Here's my mom again, back in their newly remodeled kitchen! It's beautiful and so open and airy. Not to mention 500x more counter space than they had before.

In the dining room/office area, about to eat.

  After dinner, we celebrated more with cake and ice cream. 

Happy birthday dear Gram! We love you to bits and bits and will miss you while you're out of town! Hope today was a fabulous, sunny California day.


Kiersten said...

Happy Birthday, Alice! Man, she looks so good! Like you said, I hope I look that good at 87. Tell her I said hi, will you Sarah?

Aaron and Emily said...

Your Gram looks great! I wish I could be as stylin' and hip as she is.

I have never seen your parents' house. Their kitchen looks fantastic. I love the counter!

Krista said...

Wow your gram looks amazing! So stylish.

Heather said...

Check out your Grandma rocking the leather. Impressive. :)