Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Why I'm Obsessed with Churros and Chocolate

Disclaimer - this is really long winded.

Two weeks ago, my friend Bethany mentioned she recently had dinner at Rick Bayless' sandwich shop/restaurant, Xoco.  I asked her if she had the churros for dessert, and when she said no, I almost fell over. (how can you go to Xoco and NOT get the churros?? :)

I'm a little obsessed with these treats. Xoco has churros with a side chocolate ganache dipping sauce (and the homemade Mexican vanilla ice cream too!!) and it is to die for. Not kidding. Sooooo good. About 100 times better than the Costco churros and always freshly made to order.

A few nights after my friend ate at Xoco, Ben had a work dinner downtown and realized afterward as he was running to catch a late train that he had only been a block away from Xoco. I was NOT pleased that he didn't stop and pick up some churros for me when he knew I had been craving those delicious churros. :)

So what did I do? The next day was Friday. I woke up still wishing for churros. We were flying out of town the day after (Saturday morning) and I had plenty still to do before leaving on our trip, but that wasn't important. I also didn't care that it was lightly snowing/hailing/gross weather outside. I picked the boys up from preschool in the afternoon and decided to hop on I-94 and drive into Chicago to get some churros and chocolate.

Keep in mind this was 3 p.m. on a Friday afternoon. Chicago has notoriously bad rush hour traffic, especially on a Friday. I didn't care. We were going to get churros, no matter how painful. 

Luckily there was a DVD in the DVD player that kept the boys entertained for the 50 minutes that it took to get downtown in heavy traffic. I managed to find metered street parking, dragged the kids out of the car into the snow/rain/hail and walked a few blocks to the restaurant. There wasn't a single person in line (probably because the weather was so yucky outside and it wasn't really dinnertime yet), so I went right up and placed my order for churros, chocolate and ice cream. I got a sandwich too, because I figured, why not?? :)

The boys wouldn't touch the churros (more for me!), but downed the ice cream in about two seconds. I sat there and happily ate more than my share of churros, dipped in chocolate ganache. Then I hurried up and scarfed down my sandwich, raced back to the car with the boys, picked Ben up from work and we sat in more yucky rush hour traffic on the way home (this time it took more than an hour). 

But I was SO content and happy, because when you are pregnant and queasy almost all the time and something actually sounds good to eat, you have to enjoy that moment. :)

I am so happy to announce that I am 13 weeks pregnant, due mid-September, about a week after Eli starts kindergarten (yikes). It was a long road, took nearly a year to conceive again after the miscarriage, and was a result of a second HSG procedure and taking clomid for three months (my reaction to clomid means crazy hot flashes, gaining a few pounds and silly mood swings). I'm shamefully grateful we didn't get pregnant with twins while on clomid, it's just one baby. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having twins!! But the idea made me really nervous and there was a slightly elevated chance of having multiples while on that drug.

I've been to the doctor at least five or six times already because I have the most fabulous OB in the world, who is caring and has been closely monitoring this pregnancy from the beginning. I've had blood work, multiple ultrasounds, and everything has been very positive. I took my boys with me to every appointment, but the iPad was a great distraction (even during the ultrasounds!!) and they had absolutely no idea until we told them last weekend when we were in the car in California driving to see some redwoods.

Eli's reaction was, "OH I am SO HAPPY!!!!" and he started cheering and saying, "I'm going to be a big BIG brother!!"

Charlie's reaction was, "YEAH!!!! I am going to be a BIG brother!" with a fist pump. I love his fist pumps.

It was the cutest thing ever. They are so sweet and really excited. Eli thinks it will be a boy, Charlie thinks it will be a girl. I have no idea and neither does Ben. It will be fun to find out in six or seven weeks!!

I feel extremely grateful this is happening and am praying everything goes smoothly with the pregnancy. I have felt more nauseous and exhausted than I felt with the boys, but I also wasn't as busy as I am now, chasing them and still trying to run my business/function in multiple capacities. So I don't think the symptoms necessarily indicate it is a boy or a girl.

I've consumed a lot of popcorn and at least one grapefruit a day (often two or three!) because it's nice and filling and not sweet, somehow really satisfying and didn't make me feel queasy (I was that way with the other pregnancies too - loved grapefruit). Dinners have been pretty minimal for the last two months, but my kids rarely touch the nicer meals I make anyway, so they haven't minded. Peanut butter and honey sandwiches, cold cereal, frozen waffles, hot dogs, and fruit were pretty frequent around here and I keep telling myself (and Ben!) I will make real food again soon. 

And it's a good thing Xoco's churros are a bit of a drive or I would be there every week :) I'd better stick to my grapefruit...


Suzette Selden said...

Congratulations!!! So excited for you. And those churros look amazing!

Amanda Evans said...

So exciting! Congrats! Xoco is now on my "must-do" list before leaving Chicago!

Aaron and Emily said...

I love how even after you stopped talking about food and started talking about your pregnancy, you came back to food again!

I actually had an aversion to grapefruit my last pregnancy. Weird, huh. (Not oranges, just grapefruit).

Kell's Belles said...

YAY! Congratulations! Ah, the things we do to satisfy pregnancy cravings :)

I had my #3 just as my #1 was starting kindergarten. It worked out really well for us as it's really great to have just two for the afternoon (or morning if you so choose).

I'm wishing you loads of luck with the pregnancy. And with #3--so much fun to have three little ones but SO crazy! I can't wait to hear what you're having!

DC Diva said...

I'm thrilled for you Sarah! Congratulations!!! I'm glad everything is healthy, everyone is happy and you are filling up on grapefruit. Oh bless grapefruit during pregnancy! I love it too!

Wowza on the churros! I need to visit just for those! I enjoy the Costco ones... but dipping ganache to boot? Oh my!

Krista said...

I must try one of those churros too! Must come back to chicago I guess. :)