Saturday, February 23, 2008

Pictures from this week (at home)

Eli is now 9 months old. Here he is with his one and only sippy cup that works for him (Nuby). We tried about 10 brands before finding that this was one he could use. The high point of today was that he balanced standing up for a few seconds! He gets SO excited about walking with us (holding our hands) and practically runs anytime we try walking.
Here he is laughing at Ben being silly. Today I came home to find Ben crawling around on the floor with Eli's stuffed lamb on his shoulders, totally cracking Eli up. (I think his idea was to show Eli that crawling is fun :)
Snowflakes on the ground... it feels like we have had snow every single day this month! (But I know there were a few days without it, so I'm exaggerating)
The usual attire when we go anywhere: the blue bunting and red hat. I can't wait for summer when we don't have to bundle up to go anywhere...
With my friend Rachael at Lake Michigan today after going to Carrie's baby shower/open house. I took this as I was crouched down on the ground, about to slide down the ramp to get onto the beach (there is still a ton of ice as you will see below).
Are you tired of Lake Michigan pictures? I can't get enough!
Notice just a little strip of blue showing in the water.
Ice everywhere!
Freezing bits of the lake. Tomorrow the high is 35 degrees and mostly sunny - I can't wait!


The Sweet Life said...

Oh, little Eli will be walking here before you know it. Get ready to lock up your valuables and pad your sharp corners :)

Sarah Beck said...

I love your lake Michigan pics! I think they're beautiful. Amen to the no more cold and snow...bring on spring!

jcsev said...

What a cutie! I love his big smiles. I especially like the bunting picture. Kaelan doesn't really like walking too much. When I try it with him, he will go a few paces and then drop and race off. But I guess I can't blame him. He is SO fast when crawling, that learning to walk must seem painfully slow.

Aaron and Emily said...

At 9 months my doctor asked us to supplement Adele with formula since she was so small. She had NOT been using a bottle, and we found that at that age, she could only drink from straw sippies. They were very easy for her.

jcsev said...

Kaelan prefers straws too! I can get him to drink anything from a straw! He also likes his Nuby, even if they did send us a pink one!!!!

Sarah S said...

We have the Nuby sippy with a straw too - but he didn't get it the first time we tried. I'll have to bring it out again not that it's been a month or so!