Friday, October 29, 2010

Keeping Busy

I think this is the longest I've gone between posts. Here is my run-on list of things I've done in the last two weeks instead of blogging:

  • Cleaned my house. Lots of times. And watched it get messy again after about a few hours. Or a few minutes.
  • Cooked a lot of meals. Cleaned up those meals. I have a few recipes to share tomorrow that were a hit.
  • Played with my kids. One day last week, I purposely didn't schedule anything so we could just play at home without feeling rushed. It was hilarious playing duck duck goose with these sweet boys. Charlie and Eli liked being the geese rather than the ducks, so it was kind of a haphazard game, but so so funny. Hide and seek is hilarious too. Charlie does not know how to stay quiet when we're hiding together and Eli is looking for us. The anticipation gets him every time.
  • Took a shower while Charlie unrolled the toilet paper a few feet away from me. This happened multiple days. I need to be smarter and put the toilet paper up high out of his reach. I thought we were past this stage, but apparently this has renewed appeal.
  • Survived the crazy Midwest wind storm this week with 60 m.p.h. winds. Our 85-year-old windows were shaking so much that Charlie had a hard time napping with all of the noise.
  • Refinanced for the second time on our house (we've lived here a little over two years now). The title company was nice enough to come to our house, but holy cow the woman was weird. Glad that is behind us and extra glad to have a lower interest rate.
  • Tried to get organized for our upcoming anniversary trip to Mexico. Have I mentioned that our original flights were screwed up because the airline went bankrupt last month?? And Expedia never notified us? That company is not on my good list.
  • Went to a photography workshop.
  • Photographed five babies/families. Edited a lot of photos.
  • Edited a friend's business school application essays.
  • Saw the cows, horses, chickens, roosters at Wagner Farm with the boys.
  • Took them on another day to the Morton Arboretum to see pretty fall colors. Pictures to come sometime soon.
  • Got pulled over by the security guy at Morton Arboretum because I was driving 32 mph on one of the driving loops. Full story to come sometime soon. The security guy was ridiculous.
  • Baked a cake with the kids I used to take care of when I was a nanny (this my gift to Caroline's for her 6th birthday). They were so cute. It's crazy to think it's been 3 1/2 years since I was there nannying and making treats with them.
  • Got the flu vaccination for my kids and myself. Ben's in charge of himself :)
  • Attended a local interfaith religious leaders meeting because I am STILL doing public affairs for our stake (three years+). I attended with my kids. Bad idea. Charlie wouldn't stop jabbering through the meeting and Eli drew all over his hand with red marker. Not our finest moment and I think the other people there, i.e., the rabbi, pastor, minister, etc. all thought I was a little nuts. And like the stereotypical Mormon young mom with little kids. Ahhhh.
  • Attended our ward Halloween party. There were SO MANY children there. Our ward has so many kids. It is unbelievable to see them all when they are in one big room together. Pictures to come.
But mainly, I didn't blog because the PC I blog from was being a pain in the neck and not publishing from Windows Live Writer. Lame.

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Marci said...

I think we are pretty amazing as moms with all we get done day in and day out! And good for you spending a day to play with your boys, I need to do that. AND, the toilet paper thing made me laugh because Preston just recently started doing that again too.