Sunday, May 11, 2008

Trip to Holland

We did a quick road trip to Holland, Michigan this weekend for the city's Tulip Festival. Our friends, Steve and Carrie Christensen came with their three boys along with Rachel and Ryan Ray with their twins.

Of course, these pictures aren't showing off the beautiful tulips everywhere! But here we are. Holland is about a 3-hour drive from Chicago - we stayed for two nights.

Here are some tulips! I took so many pictures in two short days :)

There were a lot of Dutch festivities - below are some pictures of Dutch dancing, a Dutch man demonstrating how they make cheese, and a slide in the Dutch Village that is made out of a wooden shoe:
There was a Delft painter and beautiful porcelain all over. And windmills of course!
The Dutch Village had lots of neat things to see and taste (the bottom right pic is of Steve C. and Ben trying out all of the different kinds of licorice)
We watched Dutch dancing in downtown Holland on Friday evening with the Rays (they have cute twins, Holland and Ethan, who started dancing in the street too!)
Here are a few more pictures from the Dutch Village - Sam and Alex dressed up in wooden shoes and Dutch hats, and we rode a swings ride together. I got a little dizzy turning around taking pictures! And there is Eli, being pretty easygoing on Day 1 of the trip.
On Day 2, we went to the Tulip Gardens with the Christensens. There were rows and rows of beautiful tulips!
Eli had fun seeing the tulips, but we were careful not to let him pick them - there was a $100 fine for anyone caught with a tulip in their hand!!
My favorite of all of the tulips was is shown below in the bottom row in the middle - the hot pink one. It is the Mariette Lily Tulip and is a mid-season bloomer. You could order any of these varieties of tulips (they were all numbered in the rows), and the prices weren't as bad as I expected them to be. For a set of 20 tulips, the price is $17. For 100 tulips, it's $75. I would love to have 100 tulips in my yard someday!
More tulips (including the Mariettes)
We thought the dark tulips were pretty cool.
Here are a few other pictures - 1) Pic of Eli wandering out into the main path as we sat watching the Tulip Time parade. There were two big dogs near us that he was obssessed with - he kept walking over (even though we kept bringing him back near us). There was also a girl with a ferret that he was curious about and eventually pet it softly. He is a strong-willed child and is pretty opinionated about what he wants to do. :) It's funny, but hard too.

2 & 3) In front of The Boat House restaurant in Saugatuck, MI - a much quieter town close to Holland, with lots of charm and right on the water.

4-7) More pictures in Saugatuck. Eli was walking with that rubber duck in his hand and kept squealing "DUCK!" in a nice high-pitched tone. It was funny. He does that with ducks and dogs - he says "DOG!!" super high any time he sees one...

8) On Day 2, Eli only took a one-hour nap in the morning. He was SO tired when we got back to the hotel that night (he didn't sleep on the bed, but was in his peapod tent - this just shows how wiped out he was... Eli NEVER stays asleep if we get him from the car like this).

9) This is Eli for the last 2 1/2 hours of our drive home. We got stuck in traffic so the ride was 30 minutes longer - and that whole time was pretty miserable. He slept for the first hour, then woke up exhausted, unreasonable, and angry. I sat in the backseat next to him and was so tired by the end of the drive from trying to make him happy. It was his Mother's Day present to me :)

So I have to ask -
Ashley, how on earth do you and Anthony take your three kids under 3 on all of these wonderful weekend trips around Europe?? I am exhausted after two weeks of traveling with Eli... He did well during the trip, just not great on the traveling part!

*And if you would like to see ALL of the pictures that I took, click here.


Laura said...

How Fun!! We went to Holland a few times while we were in Chicago, but both times a major windstorm came through and blew all the flowers off the week before we went! So, all we ever saw was a bunch of green stems! Still fun though, and seeing your pictures makes me miss the festival there! Say hi to Carrie for me!!

Amber Ro said...

What beautiful pictures. You never cease to amaze me with your many talents-add photographer to the list...
I didn't know there was a Holland, Michigan. It looks like a fun place to visist!

Rachie said...

Your photos are fantastic! It was a really fun trip. I am so glad we were able to hang out!

The Yost Family said...

Wish I would have known about that when we lived up there. Looked like fun. Sarah- you look so skinny!

Marci said...

That looks like so much fun, but I think my very favorite one is the last one of Eli so mad on the way home :-)!

Anne's Little Life said...

I've heard a lot about that festival and always wanted to go but we never made it. It looks awesome! Your pictures are great. Thanks for sharing.

Jodie and Stefan said...

Your trip looks so fun-- it's good to know that place exists for the future! Maybe we'll make a trip next year!

Krazy Khania said...

You are such a great photographer and writer!