Saturday, September 12, 2009

Beautiful September Weather = Lots of Outdoor Activities!

I love September. Especially this September, after having kind of a disappointing summer with the weather. This week we enjoyed an entire week without rain! Don’t get me wrong – I love that the rain helps things grow green and lush, as shown in some of these pictures, but sometimes it is just too much. I have felt so motivated lately to take the boys out in the jogging stroller and get some exercise.

I don’t love running, but lately I’ve tried to jog more, with the hope that I can get in decent shape before winter hits us. I need to already be in the habit so that I can drag myself and the kids out to the gym, even when it’s 20 degrees and snowy/icy/gross for six months. The highlight of the week was jogging for 2 miles while pushing the boys in the stroller – I haven’t done this in a long time and it felt good.

Hooray for beautiful weather! Sunny and 70 degrees is just about perfect, especially with a touch of humidity. My skin feels so hydrated.

Yesterday Ben came home from work a little earlier, so we took advantage of the time and walked to the park. The boys had a great time swinging, sliding, climbing, and digging in the sand.


Charlie loves being in the swing.


Eli is not a huge climber, but he wants to be better. So he practices a lot at the park. I think it’s interesting how some kids seem to be born with climbing instincts, while others take longer to develop that. Eli is definitely a cautious child – I was the same way and still am. I don’t like hopping from rock to rock in a river like Ben does when he’s fishing. I go slowly…carefully… and feel lucky that I’m not slipping as I go along.


More of Charlie on the swing:


And his first time on the slide (with a little help):


I feel like some of his baby chub is already starting to fade away as he is crawling and active. Eli was the same way (very chubby as a baby, but skinny once he was moving). I weighed them this week - Charlie was 19.6 pounds and Eli was 27 pounds. Sorry Eli, Charlie's gaining on you... :)


At least the rolls haven’t disappeared completely – he still has some nice ones hanging around :)


Avoiding putting his knees on the scratchy sand:


Eli and Ben dug a very deep hole in the sand. Eli loved it.


Charlie liked finding little sticks in the sand. I had to work hard to keep him from eating them (or the sand).


The deep hole:


Pushing the sand back into the deep hole:


Making large machinery noises:


It was a great Friday evening!


The Gramster said...

Sarah, there really aren't words enough to describe how truly darling these little boys are! I'm guaranteed to have a big grin after I look at their photos. Thank you!

Beckie said...

so fun!!! great pictures.
I love Charlies rolls.

I was just reading on my friends blog, her baby is 27 pounds on his one year check up. Hearing Eli is 27 pounds made me think her baby must be cute and chubby!

jcsev said...

Cute kids!! I love that Eli is cautious! That reminds me SO MUCH of Ansel. He was the exact same way. I never had to worry about him, because he would manage himself very well. Kaelan freaks me out most days.

Jenna said...

What a fun Friday to spend time together!

Your new lens is awesome! I can really see a difference! Now I want one!! :)

Marci said...

such cute pictures...I especially love the Charlie in the swing ones!

Zurmely family said...

My sweet Sydney was 26 pounds at her 3 year check-up this past May. LOL. I love how squishy charlie is! he's so stinkin cute!!