Thursday, September 17, 2009

Playing at Home, Construction Noise, Preschool, and Ba Ba Ba!

Eli loves watching videos of himself on our little camera.


I think he thinks his grouchy videos are pretty funny. Silly boy.


And here’s Eli sitting on the couch, listening to his Thomas book on CD – he requests this at least two times a day. We have checked this book out and renewed it probably six times from the library. I know I need to just buy him a copy, but it’s nice to just use the library’s version! Eli loves Thomas stories, even though I think they’re kind of repetitive. We now incorporate some of the Thomas vocab in our daily conversation – phrases like, “Pish posh,” for example.


Here’s Eli on his first day of preschool this week!


I’ve had this backpack forever, from way before we had kids. Eli thought it was fun to wear his ladybug backpack!


Here we are in the classroom. He’ll go twice a week for 2 1/2 hours. He’s really excited about it.


One of Eli’s favorite activities this week – find every single animal or action figure in the house and line them up along the radiator, then stuff them all into the barn (this doesn’t give the full effect, since I took this picture pretty early on – eventually there were about 40 pieces lined up). Eli likes it when I fill a plastic bowl with a little water, hand him a paint brush, and he gets to wash his animals.


And this day I actually got the boys happily together on the couch! I love these expressions because Eli totally looks like Ben and Charlie looks like me.


I am so happy when I see Eli being sweet with his brother.


Charlie wants to stand ALL the time. Here he is, standing on the couch:


We’ve had more beautiful weather this week, so we went outside in the early evening tonight and played with the neighbor across the street – they have a little boy who is about to turn three, as well as a little girl who is just a few days older than Charlie. Eli and Max had fun running around and watching the construction guys pouring cement from the big cement mixer.


Last but not least, is my very dark video of Charlie’s “ba ba ba” sounds, with a little Eli mixed in too (who was not doing a good job with his dinner, little stinker!). Charlie was in his pjs climbing around under the kitchen table.

Charlie's "Ba Ba Ba" Sounds at 7 Months from Sarah on Vimeo.

OH we love our little munchkins!


jcsev said...

A really great blog Sarah. I enjoyed every bit of it. Eli is going to preschool??? How cute! He will really enjoy it, I bet. I was laughing at your very watered down criticism of Thomas video/stories. I can't actually really listen to them because they annoy me so much. The boys always moan..."not Thomas again", when Kaelan asks for it, and I feel the same way!! But we all put up with it for KK's sake.

tatum said...

i love Eli's alphabet shirt.

Marci said...

Your pictures look so nice and clear. Is it the new lens? I love Eli's shirt for his first day perfect! And how nice for you to have some one on one time with Charlie!

Zurmely family said...

yeah for preschool! it will give you a nice little breather!! have you ever let eli paint with water outside? one of my kids' favorite things to do. they love watching it disappear.

Danielle said...

So.... Blog request: can you do a side-by-side comparison of baby Eli vs. baby Ben and Baby Charlie vs. baby Sarah???? I'd love to see it :)

Sarah Beck said...

no way! Eli is going to preschool what a big boy!