Sunday, September 13, 2009

Funny Videos of Eli and Charlie Interacting

I think it’s hilarious to see how oblivious Charlie is to Eli’s grouchy moods sometimes. Below are two videos from last week, when Charlie was trying to pull up and see Eli on the couch, but Eli wanted nothing to do with it (this was after Eli had quiet time, so he was watching a show – you can see how fun my late afternoons are when Eli doesn’t nap, because he is in the WORST mood). Yet Charlie was still laughing, smiling at Eli, and playing peek-a-boo. They do have happy moments together too, but these videos were too funny to not share:

Grouchy Eli Mad at Charlie Part 1 from Sarah on Vimeo.


Grouchy Eli Mad at Charlie Part 2 from Sarah on Vimeo.

but here is one from this morning, when Eli was in a better mood:

Eli Reading "Lightning the Queen" to Mater from Sarah on Vimeo.


jcsev said...

I could just imagine KK doing the same thing if he had a little brother, even watching "Thomas". (which he is currently obsessed with) Just wait, in a few years they will be best buds!

Marci said...

It is so cute how Charlie just keeps smiling and laughing...he thinks it's a great game :). I think Eli and Addie definitely have some similarities in personality. And I think the previous commenter is so right in that they will be best buddies in a couple years.

LINDSAY said...

Charlie, don't you know you aren't supposed to interrupt when he's watching Thomas . :)

Those videos are so funny. They made me laugh. I loved how Charlie just kept coming back for more love. :)

Hillary said...

I love all your pictures and updates. And I love seeing Charlie's cute rolls in his legs. The videos of Eli being mad at Charlie reminds me of Cameron coming to get Leah's toys and her not wanting him to get near them. Isn't sibling interaction exhausting some times?

Gwendolyn said...

I've got free time and I'm catching up on your blog! Sarah your boys are so cute--I love how Charlie just keeps laughing despite Eli's mood. Hopefully he'll always be such a cheerful guy :)