Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Running Around the Zoo

We’ve tried to spend as much time outside as possible, seeing how each beautiful day feels like such a wonderful treat. Last Friday we went to the Lincoln Park Zoo with some friends. We didn’t see a ton of animals, but the kids mostly just wanted to run around together and have fun.

Of course, the babies didn’t have the luxury to run, but they rode together in my friend’s BOB – here’s Charlie and Eloise, who are about two months apart.


There’s a theme in these pictures – Eloise and Vivian are sisters, and they both were giving loves to my boys :) Eli didn’t look so sure in this picture…


my friend Jessica holding Charlie:


and her little boy Elijah playing with Eli:


Eli copying one of the animal’s faces:


And his favorite zoo animal of the day – the SEALS! He loved watching the zoo keepers feed the seals and seeing the seals swim around. Here is Eli posing next to the seal statue, next to the real seal area:


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jcsev said...

It is really neat that you have so many friends with kids that you can go do things with. I bet Eli loves that.