Saturday, September 12, 2009

Block Party

I’m catching up a little - last weekend was the annual block party, and we were able to go to the end of it. Eli had a BLAST playing with his favorite neighbor kids, Sasha and Oliver. They are so sweet with him! Their mom took these pictures and shared them with us, so I take no credit, but thought they were fun.


Charlie had just woken up from a nap, so he wasn’t so sure about all of the attention :)


Talking with our other neighbors that share the alley with us, who live around the corner. This doesn’t really show the block party – most of the neighbors were out in the street (which was blocked off for the day), enjoying appetizers and chatting.


Ben with the boys (Charlie was eating a blueberry, so his mouth and fingers are slightly blue:


One of the neighbors has a sound system with big speakers and fun music, so there was lots of dancing toward the end. Eli loved dancing with the kids. But he also “got an owie at the block party” when he was running in the street. I’m reminded of this daily, any time I change his diaper and he notices the scab on his knee where he fell and scraped it. Eli’s “owie” is almost better now, but it’s pretty cute hearing him say, “block party.”


One of the neighbors, Scott, was really funny with Eli, doing silly dance moves and getting Eli to do them right back:


Eli copying Scott:


It’s not always easy to get to know lots of the neighbors, but it’s fun to have this party each year that brings everyone together. The food was delicious, the people were nice, and I just wish I had a video of Eli and his cute dancing. Next year… :)

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Beckie said...

I think block parties are great.