Friday, November 16, 2007

A Bike and Better Eyesight

Here are some pictures from this week... as you can see, the bike arrived - Ben was SO excited and has diligently used it for the last two nights. It's not as enormous as I had feared, so I think it will be fine. We need to get a mat for it to go on - for now it's on an ugly green towel :)

Yesterday I went to my optometrist to get my yearly checkup and buy new contacts. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that my eyesight had improved after being pregnant! While I am still pretty blind without glasses or contacts, it's nice to know that my prescription doesn't have to be quite as strong. One other interesting thing - my eyes always feel really dry, and even though I wear certain contacts that are supposed to help prevent the dryness, it still happens. So the optometrist suggested I use a product called Clear Care, which is a special solution that contains hydrogen peroxide that cleans the lens and removes proteins and bacteria from it so your contacts are more comfortable. Then you put it in a special lens case that neutralizes the solution, making it safe to wear the next morning.

Below are some other random pictures - a few from bathtime and some from playing around the house. And today I felt something sharp on his bottom middle gums... we'll see how long his tooth takes to really appear!


Abecka said...

Eli, you are the cutest little thing! i love all of your rolls! ; )

Marci said...

Those are cute pictures! Eli is adorable - I love his big blue eyes!

Hillary said...

I can't believe how cute he is. I can't get over how big is getting. And the whole teeth coming in means he is definitely entering the next phase of infant-hood. He'll be eating finger foods in no time.
Logan loves the Clear Care contact solution. That's the only brand he uses.I hope it helps you too.

Aaron and Emily said...

Those are some beautiful pictures. That's interesting about the eye care, I'll ask Aaron about that. I stopped wearing contacts because of dry eyes.

Sarah Beck said...

what a cute cute baby! and the bike isn't that big at all--it looks fine in your apartment. what a good deal!