Sunday, November 25, 2007

Festivities for the Big 27

I'm officially a year older today. Yesterday we got a group together and went bowling, which was fun! Here are some pictures of Ben, Davey, and my friend Rebekeh and her cute daughter Marlee bowling:

I realized as we were leaving that I wasn't in any of the pictures inside the bowling alley. And I would have liked to take a picture of our group. Oh well! Here I am with Rebekeh outside of the bowling alley afterward in the freezing cold :)

Two nights before, we went out to dinner at Francesca's with the Christensens (shown below) and went shoe shopping at Pink Frog Shoes in the city. I got some fun boots for my birthday!

Today my actual birthday was pretty low-key. Steve (in the picture above) shared his delicious pork carnitas with adobo sauce - Eli was SO exhausted after church, so we did a trade and at at our own homes rather than eating together - Ben made a good salad and salsa to share with the Christensens, and they shared the carnitas. YUM!

Ben got my favorite ice cream turtle pie from Baskin Robbins, which I have every year. Eli enjoyed staring at the candle flames. And then while we ate ice cream pie, we fed Eli baby oatmeal and peas, which he liked for the most part but it made a huge mess as you can see below. And to drag my birthday out one more day, my friend Rachael is bringing her homemade kettle corn over tomorrow, which I am really excited about!) I'm thankful for fun friends and family to celebrate with. Thanks for all of your sweet phone calls, cards, and emails!


RACHIE said...

Happy Birthday Sarah! I am so sorry we could not make it to your Bowling Birthday Bash. It looks like it was a blast. You are sucha HOT 27 year old!

The Yost Family said...

Happy b-day! Sounds like quite the b-day spread out is a way to go! You're still a youngin!

The Millers said...

I am such a dope for missing your big day. I got my birthday reminder this past week, but didn't want to wish you a Happy B-Day early. And then we were driving home from Cali all day yesterday, and so here I am wishing you a Happy B-Day a day late. So sorry. I feel especially dumb since you were so on top of things this year to actually mail me a card in time for my day. Sorry I'm so lame. I'm glad you had a great Thanksgiving and a great birthday. Hope all is well with you grandmpa and parents.

Amber Robbins said...

Happy B-day!
It looks like you had a fun time. Go get yourself a b-day manicure or pedicure...they are the best!

Mike, Jess & Elijah said...

Happy Birthday Sarah!! Hope 27 is a great year for you!!

Davis & Asialene said...

Shopping at the shoe store sounds fun! :) I'd love to go to Chicago someday. Love the pictures of Eli!

shontzie said...

happy birthday to both you and eli!! i wish we could have been there to celebrate in person! i love bowling!
and i cannot believe our boys are 6 months old...1/2 a year already...where has the time gone!? you are both looking adorable! have you lost all your baby weight? you look awesome! are you still nursing? we're still going strong. i've decided that nursing 1 is MUCh easier than 2 so we're going a bit longer!

Kerstin said...

Happy late birthday! Bowling reminds me of our fun girls night we had there. Miss those!