Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Some New Distractions

Things I've recently stumbled upon or am obsessing over:

  • Confessions of a Pioneer Woman and Pioneer Woman Cooks - sites done by a woman named Ree who lives on a farm - she is witty, takes great photographs, and her recipes look pretty fantastic. I find it especially funny that I've enjoyed these sites because I am notoriously not a fan of things "pioneer."
  • The Belly Hugger - one of my biggest complaints about breastfeeding is how it is so hard to be discreet. And my pet peave is feeling like my back is exposed to the world. I read about the Belly Hugger today and thought it was a great idea (it is like a stretchy band of material that covers your midsection). It would be great to use with my hooter hider nursing cover, which is probably the only reason I have ever been able to nurse on the plane or in some other public setting.
  • Beco Baby Carrier - this is what I'm obsessing over this week... my sweet, chubby Eli is getting heavier, and it's not as comfortable carrying him in the Baby Bjorne. I am debating getting a Beco carrier because it can be worn in the front, side, or back, and allows you to carry a child up to 40 lbs. Not that I plan on wearing Eli on my back when he is that big, but it would be great to have this for a number of situations - at the grocery store, airport, on the train, at street fairs or other crowded places where a stroller gets in the way, etc. My friend Angie has twins and loves her Beco - she's even getting a second one so she can wear one baby in the front and another in the back. I might wait a few more weeks to decide because the company is coming out with a new carrier next month.
  • The movie Mysic and Lyrics - we rented this movie last week and thought it was so entertaining! The first song in the movie (so cheesy and 80s, but really funny), Pop! Goes My Heart, is still stuck in my head. But I genuinely like the song Way Back Into Love.


Wendy King said...


I meant to add "music & lyrics" to my netflix cue months ago but then forgot. Now I will... great reminder!

Abecka said...

Fun! I love how you know all these fun products and sites. I also liked the movie music and lyrics - That song was stuck in my head for days afterwards - now again... ; )
I had fun at the baby shower. Thanks for hosting!