Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sneaking a Peak

So I have to confess my late-night, right-before-I-go-to-bed tradition (which I suspect many of you may also have) - I LOVE sneaking a peak at Eli sleeping in his crib. Maybe I just have a thing about sleeping people (I think Ben is really cute when he's asleep), but there is something so precious and serene about a sleeping baby. I have to be very careful about the path I take to get to his crib, walking in an exact diagonal line from his door to the crib - any other way has noisy, squeaky spots in the floor that might wake him up.

I am always tempted to take a picture so I can remember how cute Eli was asleep, but it's not worth the thought of disrupting his sleep (now that he's finally consistently sleeping through the night!). So for now, you can look at his other pictures and imagine a sweet, chubby baby in his footie pajamas, cuddling with his snuggli blanket/stuffed animal.

I'm just really grateful to have this wonderful little boy in our family. We feel so blessed!


Heather said...

I remember at a baby shower when Eli was sleeping and everyone that walked by had to stroke his head or belly. There's obviously something magnetic about a sleeping baby!

The Millers said...

he is darling, Sarah! I am so happy for you.

Marci said...

I agree with you about how cute they look when sleeping! I think it is hilarious Eli is so big - especially when you are so petite :-)! I hope we get to meet him sometime. I love reading your updates!

Abecka said...

OH I love peaking in on sleeping babies too. And really how can you resist that little Eli!!!