Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Carrie had her baby!

Since many of you know my friend Carrie (she was the cute preggie in the post a few weeks about about playgroup), I wanted to share that she had her baby! She has two boys and didn't find out what she was having this time, so it was a fun surprise to learn she had a third boy. He came three weeks early and was 8 lbs, 5 oz! Everyone is doing well and they are naming him Jacob Arjen (Arjen is Dutch, pronounced Ar-yen).

It's crazy to think Eli was once this small! Baby Jacob is very cute and has different features that remind me of both boys. I would post a picture of the whole family, but I think Carrie would be mad at me for including a picture of her in the hospital :) Congrats Christensens!


Laura said...

Yay Christensens! I've lost track of Carrie (when my computer crashed this fall!), so it's fun to hear what's new with them! Please tell her hello for me (and congrats!)

The Yost Family said...

Tell Carrie congrats from us!