Monday, January 07, 2008

Strange Dream

I was pretty tired this morning, so when Eli went down for his morning nap, I gave in the urge and took a nap as well. I don't usually remember my dreams, but I had a CRAZY one this morning! Here are the things I remember:

1. It was raining pretty hard outside, and water started seeping through the walls. Mice were also seeping through the walls (didn't make sense) and I was freaking out and holding Eli on the couch, not wanting to get down.

2. Then there was a car accident right by our place - I went outside to see if they needed help, but things were just super chaotic. The accident was with a city vehicle and a tour bus... and the kicker was that the bus had Mormons in town from Nauvoo, here to perform something pioneer-ish so they were all in costume (it was so so weird).

3. Later, two scraggly, long-haired paperboys with British accents came pounding on my door to see if I wanted a newspaper subscription (I have one already).

I woke up to Eli alternating sounds of "ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba" and yelling from his crib. I felt so disoriented! (but glad none of this really happened)

Any explanations or interpretations??


Sarah Beck said...

That is so funny/weird. I wish I could interpret, but after working at the HBLL at BYU I know where the dream interpreting books are. They're on the first floor, east side (the newer part)

Amber Robbins said...

That is too funny! Sounds like you may need to schedule more naps into your day :)

Ben, Sarah & Eli said...

hilarious! sarah, i will be sure to stop by the HBLL the next time I'm at BYU just to see if you're right (which I'm sure you are).

Ben, Sarah & Eli said...

My dad emailed with a response to my dream. Here it is (I think some of those things are right on!):

A. You're my daughter. Every so often you're brain has to flush out all the random bits of input from the past week.

B. It has been raining a lot, they've been talking about flash flooding a lot, and they've been promoting Ratatouille a lot.

C. You probably heard about the tour bus that crashed in southern Utah Sunday night. However, they were skiers, not pioneers.

D. Wasn't there a pop music group (a "hair band" like Duran Duran) back in the 80s called the Newsboys? Have you been watching too much Singing Bee lately?

Katie said...


I was first laughing about the British paperboys .... that in and of itself is priceless. I hope my husband did not influence any part of that (he is British, and he did have a paper route as a boy).

But now I am laughing at your dad referencing "Hair Bands." I love it!!

Kerstin said...

Okay so this happens to me too- not the same dream obviously- but if I go to sleep while Charlotte's sleeping I have the weirdest dreams and wake up disoriented. I should write some of them down- we could exchange. Maybe I should stop napping while Charlotte naps?