Friday, January 18, 2008

In the Bleak Mid-Winter

Chicago is often so gray, all winter long. Earlier this week, it was pretty cold outside but the sun was actually shining... I was so excited that I wore shorts to the gym. I went to the post office afterwards (still in shorts) and got some weird looks.

Today it's gray and bitter cold. Tonight the low is 3 degrees, and tomorrow the high is 7! Then you factor in the wind chill and it's going to be cold cold cold.

Good thing we have radiator heat, controlled by the building. Our place is TOASTY warm. Often too warm. But today I'm grateful to be cooped up in my cozy, warm little place. So what do you do on such a gray day? Here are some things that have kept myself and Eli entertained...

-Holding Eli and singing silly songs as we walk around the condo. He likes to sing along with me, it's very cute, with lots of "Ahhhhhhhh" and other little sounds.

-Showing Eli the area that I've posted our Christmas cards (yes, it's January 18 and they are still up in full force). I tell him about the people in the pictures and he always smiles when I show him ours.

-Watching the computer's screen saver. It fades in and out and totally keeps Eli's attention for a few minutes. It's like he's playing peek-a-boo with it. (exciting stuff, I know)

-Reading magazines. Eli is definitely my child because he loves looking at magazines with me. (and eating them, ripping them, etc.)

-Reading books. Eli's current board book faves are Chugga Chugga Choo Choo, Goodnight Moon, and Barnyard Dance. He likes turning the pages and I think it's very cute.

-Playing catch. We have a soft ball that I like to throw back and forth with Eli. Mostly he just pushes it a little, I grab it and say good job! and put it back in his lap.

-Napping (usually just Eli). He finally takes a somewhat consistent two naps a day that last anywhere from 1 1/2 to 2 hours a day. If I'm lucky he'll do 3 hours on a rare occasion. What do I do? Read the news, work on my freelance writing/articles, read blogs, clean the house, call old friends, edit my pictures, read magazines, make cards, clip recipes (thinking I'll actually make them, when in reality I have a hard time making dinner), and research random stuff about things like photography, photoshop, writing, etc.

While it can be isolating sometimes to just stay home on these really cold days, I really enjoy the quiet time with my little guy. I'm glad we just have 3 1/2 more months of winter before the sun shines again :)


Heather said...

3 1/2 more months??? Haven't we already had 3 1/2 months of winter?

beckie said...

I LOVE Chicago Winters!! They are my favorite!

Anne's Little Life said...

Those winters are one thing I don't miss about Chicago. Ethan was quite entertained by the screen saver too. You make a day inside sound like a wonderful thing!