Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Crazy Bears/Packers Game

Last night the Bears beat the Packers in overtime (Go Bears!). That's pretty exciting (sorry Rebekeh, my friend who grew up in Green Bay), but the thing that got me was the amount of bare skin exposed to the elements last night! Check out these pictures from the Chicago Tribune:

Is that shirtless fan out of his mind?? Last night it was a whopping two degrees, wind chill -13 degrees. I think he was just really drunk. It was the coldest Bears game EVER at Soldier Field.

Rebekeh and her sister actually had tickets to the game, but wisely stayed home. It would have been so miserable to be outside for that long, no matter how bundled up you were!

And of course there were lots of tough guys on the football field with bare arms. Crazy, crazy crazy. Ben wasn't feeling well last night and went to bed early, so I ran out later in the evening to do the last of my errands before our next round of snow (we woke up this morning to more snow, and it's not supposed to stop for a few days).

Sometimes I really wish we had a car with four-wheel drive... Eli and I got stuck in the alley yesterday afternoon, just as I had feared. I hacked away at the snow for a good 15 minutes before a neighbor drove in, saw me struggling and helped dig me out - with the help of her metal shovel and some sand. Winter is not starting out so well!! We are guaranteed a white Christmas though, so we'll try to stay on the bright side :)


Kelly D. said...

Ooh, I feel your pain on digging cars and driveways out of snow. It's the perfect activity for a pregnant woman, no? At least we'll have white Christmases, right?

The Yosts said...

So glad we're not living in Chicago right now. I was thinking our 30 degrees with a little rain was bad. Burrrrr...you guys are freezing!

Danielle said...

Wow... my friend Tina and I, while sprinting from the church to the car after early morning seminary, would yell, "It's like two degrees out here!"

Wow... it was actually two degrees there... and lower. I think we'll come visit in summer.