Sunday, December 21, 2008

Subzero Stinks

This morning when we went to church, the actual temperature was -6 degrees. Wind chill was -30 degrees.

As Ben put it, today was a day that SOUNDED cold when you were outside. Winds were gusting up to 40 mph, and at this awful temperature, it was bone-chillingly cold. This morning we woke up to another inch of snow, which then blew all over the place.

Here is my window as we were driving home from church, and below is Eli bundled up with a blanket to try to stay warm. Our car was still not warmed up by the time we pulled into the garage - and that's after driving the 10 minutes home.
Can you see Ben's breath as he walked into our house? Ben's smile is deceiving - all evening he kept saying, "Are you sure you wouldn't want to move somewhere warmer?" Poor California boy!! I reminded him that I don't exactly enjoy our winters either. I tried to tell him that it was extra cold all over the place, not just here, but that didn't make him feel better either, since most places were at least 20 degrees warmer ("You can't tell me there isn't a difference between 80 degrees and 100 degrees..." he likes to say. I still think 20 degrees is freezing, and below zero is just extra, extra freezing).
Here are some icicle pictures from our back deck -

Our friends, Heidi and Bryce Jones, emailed us early last week and asked if they could come visit for the weekend before they headed further west to visit Heidi's mom in Iowa for Christmas - we said sure! They arrived from Ohio late on Friday night, stayed for a day and a half, and left this afternoon. The Jones' lived here five years ago, and were some of our first friends when we moved to this area. When they moved away, their oldest son, Dennison, was just a baby. Now they have three little guys (Ethan and Lukas are the second and third).
It was fun staying up late, catching up with them. We hadn't seen these guys since they moved away, but we have lots of fun memories from the time that they lived here. I feel bad that they came on such a cold weekend - yesterday the boys braved the elements, bundled up, and had a snowball fight on the golf course near our house. Of course, yesterday was about 25 degrees warmer - absolutely balmy! :)

Tomorrow's at least supposed to be above zero, with a high of nine degrees, though the wind chill will still be pretty awful in the morning. I don't want to take Eli out in this weather, but it's hard since I still have plenty to do before Christmas.


Young Family said...

I don't know how you do it. That is way too cold.

Marci said...

Wow! I'm with Ben...are you sure you don't want to move somewhere warmer?! You could always visit Chicago in the summer :-).

Heather said...

I have said multiple times that everything below 32 degrees is all the same--too cold. I was totally wrong. I'd take 31 degrees over this weather any day.

Kelly D. said...

You are such troopers for going to church in that weather! Not sure I would have made it . . . I hope things warm up SOON!

Anne's Little Life said...

Oh those Chicago winters. You know, they cancel church here if it snows. At least the cold makes for good war stories.

The Yosts said...

It just looks sooooo cold!

Laura said...

I can sympathize with Ben. I'm having a hard time with the Utah winter compared to California. It could be worse, though, you could live in Alaska. My sister-in-law lived there for a year. Apparently church is only 2 hours if it's -20, 1 hour if it's -30, and cancelled if it's -40. Brrrrrr.