Wednesday, February 11, 2009

3 Weeks Old

This picture is from yesterday, but today Charlie is three weeks old! He is still sick and congested, but he's slowly getting better each day.

I will be honest...the first three weeks have not gone by very fast. But last night was the first that Charlie actually went back to sleep after eating (and this just happened once, but that's ok) - I was SO happy!! The night before had been pretty awful - Charlie was up quite a bit and fussy, and I finally had to wake Ben up for help because I couldn't stay awake any longer (I really don't like doing that when he has to work so early the next day, but I felt like I was going to throw up - Ben was happy to help...).

Eli has been in a great mood the last few days, though he was a bit of a stinker and didn't nap yesterday. I left him chattering in his crib anyway and took a nap so I could function the rest of the day :)
Now that Eli is mostly healthy again, I tried getting a picture of the two boys together... but it would have been easier with another adult around to help.
Yesterday was another strangely warm day - 60 degrees isn't very common in February around here! I put Eli in the stroller and strapped Charlie into the Baby Bjorn and off we went on an hour walk through our neighborhood. I decided I was in dire need of my favorite blueberry muffin from a yummy place not too far from here, so that was a good destination (though I was pretty exhausted by the end). It was a fun first walk with the boys!
Here is a quick video of Eli playing with Charlie - I thought it was very sweet. He is genuinely interested in him and loves waving at Charlie. I think they'll be good friends in no time :)


Kelly D. said...

Sarah, thanks for keeping up on your blog even though your life is crazy right now! It's helping me remember what I need to prepare for!

My favorite line of this blog? "It would have been easier with another adult around to help." I swear to you, I have this thought ten times a day! Nothing like being outnumbered to make you dream of reinforcements, eh?

Your boys are darling! I'm ready to sign the arranged marriage contracts when you are ;)

Marci said...

They are both so cute...I love the video. They will definitely be little buddies :-)!

Danielle said...

OH, SO cute! I love it when siblings play together! I imagine it will just get cuter from here...

Sounds like you are stepping up to the two-kid challenge very well... I"m impressed that you already got out for a walk with both of them!

Aaron and Emily said...

You went on an hour long walk already?! Crazy.

Don't feel guilty for waking Ben. I used to feel guilty about waking Aaron. But we have to realize that even though they wake up early for work, we wake up all through the night without any sleep (with a newborn) , and we are still working all day long, it's just at home with kids, not in an office.

I wish I could come over and help you! I think I was very spoiled to be living with Danielle and mom when I had my second. I will probably die when I have my third.

Laura said...

Wow!! So little sleep!! How do you find the time to 1 take pics, 2 download them, 3 upload them, 4 blog?? Your amazing to keep this blog up! All the pics are so cute but I'm so sad that your sleep is non existant!! Hopefully soon he will get his nights unconfused for awake time and start to get some shut eye! Keep up the amazing mommy work!!