Monday, February 16, 2009


Last night we put the boys in their matching pjs from Ben's mom - they looked so cute!
Eli had crazy hat hair by the end of the day... he loves wearing his striped beanie around the house.

Today the boys wore their matching t-shirts from the Blums - I was so excited for their first matching outfits! Eli loves the heart on the shirts and he thought it was neat to match his baby brother.

Charlie seems bigger every day. He's busting out of his newborn diapers and some of his 0-3 jammies are getting snug! Crazy. I think it must be because he has a long torso - he still has plenty of room in his 0-3 month pants.

Tonight we played Candyland for the first time with Eli - I don't think he completely understood what was going on, but he liked flipping the cards over and saying the color (he didn't always get the color right, but that's ok - he knows red and blue well, but yellow, green, and orange not so much). Ben had the day off for President's Day, so we had a fun day together as a family.


Young Family said...

I love making my boys match.

Kelly D. said...

Yay for matching! I do it so much that Chloe gets annoyed about it. But that's fun of having kids of the same gender! Your boys look so cute!

Danielle said...

Dawna calls those Larry's "candy cane" Pajamas. They look so cute!

Amber Ro said...

Cuteness! It's fun to have 2 children of the same gender so you can do matching outfits. How are you doing?

LINDSAY said...

Cute matching outfits. I love them.